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DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduler Namespace

Contains classes which implement the main functionality of the legacy DXScheduler for WPF suite.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduler.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Scheduler


Name Description
ActiveViewChangingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.ActiveViewChanging event.
AppointmentLabel An appointment’s category label.
AppointmentLabelCollection A collection of appointment labels.
AppointmentMapping Specifies the mapping of the appointment properties to the appropriate data fields.
AppointmentStatus An appointment’s availability status.
AppointmentStatusCollection A collection of appointment statuses.
AppointmentStorage A storage which holds a collection of appointments.
AppointmentViewInfoCustomizingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.AppointmentViewInfoCustomizing event.
CustomizeTimeRulerFormEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.CustomizeTimeRulerFormShowing event.
CustomizeVisualViewInfoEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.CustomizeVisualViewInfo event.
DayView Displays a detailed picture of events across one or more days.
DeleteRecurrentAppointmentFormEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.DeleteRecurrentAppointmentFormShowing event.
EditAppointmentFormEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.EditAppointmentFormShowing and SchedulerControl.EditRecurrentAppointmentFormShowing events.
FormShowingEventArgs Provides data for the events which show dialogs invoked by the Scheduler control.
FullWeekView A view that displays the entire week.
GotoDateFormEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.GotoDateFormShowing event.
InplaceEditorEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.InplaceEditorShowing event.
MonthView Represents a Month (Multi-Week) View.
MoreButtonClickedRoutedEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.MoreButtonClicked event.
NavigationButtonOptions Provides options which define certain characteristics of navigation buttons.
OptionsBehavior Provides behavior options for the Scheduler control.
OptionsCustomization Provides customization options for the Scheduler control.
OptionsView Provides view options for the Scheduler control.
RecurrenceFormEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.RecurrenceFormShowing event.
RemindersFormEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.RemindersFormShowing event.
ResourceMapping Provides information on the mapping of the resource properties to appropriate data fields.
ResourceStorage A storage which holds a collection of appointment’s resources.
ScaleBasedRangeControlClientOptions A base class for options that specify the interaction settings for a RangeControl and SchedulerControl that are integrated.
SchedulerAppointmentDisplayOptions Serves as the base for classes which provide options to define how appointments will be displayed when a particular view is currently active.
SchedulerColorSchema A color schema which contains colors for a scheduler’s resources.
SchedulerColorSchemaCollection A collection of color schemas.
SchedulerControl The main control of the DXScheduler Suite for WPF.
SchedulerControlLocalizer A base class that provides necessary functionality for custom localizers of the SchedulerControl.
SchedulerDayViewAppointmentDisplayOptions Provides options which define how appointments should be displayed when the currently active view is the Day View or Work-Week View.
SchedulerDeferredScrollingOption Provides access to an object that specifies how deferred scrolling is performed.
SchedulerElement The base class for all Views family classes inherited from the DXFrameworkContentElement class.
SchedulerMenuEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.PopupMenuShowing event.
SchedulerMonthViewAppointmentDisplayOptions Provides options which define how appointments should be displayed when the currently active view is the Month (Multi-Week) View.
SchedulerOptionsBase<T> Serves as the base class for classes representing options of the SchedulerControl.
SchedulerOptionsBehavior For internal use only.
SchedulerOptionsRangeControl Provides interaction options for integrated RangeControl and SchedulerControl controls.
SchedulerOptionsView For internal use only.
SchedulerRangeControlClient Implements the IRangeControlClient interface and links the SchedulerControl to the RangeControl.
SchedulerSelectionBarOptions Provides options which define how the selection bar in the Timeline View should be painted.
SchedulerStorage A storage which holds data for the Scheduler Control.
SchedulerTimeIndicatorDisplayOptions Contains options which determine how the Time Indicator is displayed in the Scheduler view.
SchedulerTimelineViewAppointmentDisplayOptions Provides options which define how appointments should be displayed when the currently active view is the Timeline View.
SchedulerTimeRuler A time ruler for SchedulerControl.
SchedulerTimeRulerCollection A collection of time rulers for the SchedulerControl.
SchedulerViewBase Serves as a base for classes which represent various Views that can be used to display information within the Scheduler Control.
SchedulerViewRepository Represents the view repository.
SchedulerWeekViewAppointmentDisplayOptions Provides options which define how appointments should be displayed when the currently active view is the Week View.
TimelineView Arranges events and appointments across horizontal timelines.

Displays events across a week in a compact form.

This view is outdated and provided for compatibility with the earlier versions of the Scheduler Control. Use the FullWeekView instead.

WeekViewBase The base class for the Week and Month views of the SchedulerControl.
WorkWeekView Displays appointments for the working days in a particular week.


Name Description
IAppointmentStorage Defines the interface of the appointment storage in WPF Scheduler.
ISchedulerStorage A base interface that defines a storage which holds persistent objects - appointments, resources etc.


Name Description
ActiveViewChangingEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.ActiveViewChanging event.
AppointmentFormEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.EditAppointmentFormShowing event.
AppointmentViewInfoCustomizingEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.AppointmentViewInfoCustomizing event.
CustomizeTimeRulerFormEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.CustomizeTimeRulerFormShowing event.
CustomizeVisualViewInfoEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.CustomizeVisualViewInfo event.
DeleteRecurrentAppointmentFormEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.DeleteRecurrentAppointmentFormShowing event.
EditRecurrentAppointmentFormEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.EditRecurrentAppointmentFormShowing event.
GotoDateFormEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.GotoDateFormShowing event.
InplaceEditorEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.InplaceEditorShowing event.
MoreButtonClickedRoutedEventHandler Specifies a method that will handle the SchedulerControl.PreviewMoreButtonClicked and SchedulerControl.MoreButtonClicked events.
RecurrenceFormEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.RecurrenceFormShowing event.
RemindersFormEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.RemindersFormShowing event.
SchedulerMenuEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.PopupMenuShowing event.


Name Description
SchedulerControlStringId Lists the strings that can be localized in Ribbon UI and scheduler dialogs.