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DevExpress.Xpf.Controls Namespace

Contains classes which provide the functionality for DevExpress WPF controls.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Controls.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Controls


Name Description
Book Represents a book control.
BreadcrumbControl A breadcrumb control.
BreadcrumbCustomDisplayTextEventArgs Provides data for the BreadcrumbControl.CustomDisplayText event.
BreadcrumbCustomImageEventArgs Provides data for the CustomImage event.
BreadcrumbHistoryChangingEventArgs Provides data for the HistoryChanging event.
BreadcrumbHistoryNode Represents an item within the control’s navigation history.
BreadcrumbNode A Breadcrumb node.
BreadcrumbPathNode Represents a single node displayed in the path edit popup.
BreadcrumbQueryPathEventArgs Provides data for the QueryPath event.
CompletionWizardPage A completion page for the Wizard Control.
PageIndexChangingEventArgs Provides data for the Book.PageIndexChanging event.
StateChangedEventArgs Contains data for the StateChanged event.
StepProgressBar A control that visualizes event chains.
StepProgressBarItem The step item in the StepProgressBar.
WelcomeWizardPage A welcome page for the Wizard Control.
Wizard A control for creating multi-page dialogs that guide end-users through a specific process (e.g., product installation).
WizardPage A regular page for the Wizard Control.
WizardService Allows you to use the Wizard control in compliance with MVVM.


Name Description
IChildSelector Interface that should be implemented by a class that retrieves the breadcrumb items’ child nodes from the data source.


Name Description
PageIndexChangingEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the Book.PageIndexChanging event.


Name Description
BackwardNavigation Lists values that specify the backward navigation logic.
BreadcrumbActualEditMode Lists the values that specify the current active Breadcrumb edit mode.
BreadcrumbEditMode Lists the values that specify the allowed Breadcrumb edit modes.
BreadcrumbHistoryChangingReason Lists the values that specify the reason for the HistoryChanging event occurrence.
PageType Lists values that specify on which side of the book the first page is displayed.
StepProgressBarItemState Lists StepProgressBarItem states.
WizardDefaultButton Lists a Wizard’s default buttons.
WizardDefaultFocus Lists the values that specify the WizardDefaultFocus.