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SeriesLabel Class

Contains settings for series point labels.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Charts


public class SeriesLabel :


An instance of the SeriesLabel class is available via the Series.Label property.

The SeriesLabel class provides different settings that define the position of series labels (SeriesLabel.Indent) and connector settings (SeriesLabel.ConnectorVisible, SeriesLabel.ConnectorThickness).

Also, to automatically prevent labels of different series points from overlapping, you can use the SeriesLabel.ResolveOverlappingMode property, which should be set to a value other than ResolveOverlappingMode.None. Note that resolving overlapped labels is available only for chart types plotted by the XYDiagram2D.


The following example demonstrates how to change the appearance of series labels.

To accomplish this, it is necessary to create a DataTemplate that specifies the appearance of series labels, and add it to a window’s resource. Then, this template can be applied to a series label via its ChartTextElement.ElementTemplate property.


The chart control displays a crosshair cursor instead of series labels in the diagram by default. To provide series labels customization, enable series labels (set the Series.LabelsVisibility property to true) and disable the crosshair cursor (set the ChartControlBase.CrosshairEnabled property to false).

View Example

<Window x:Class="CustomLabelTemplate.Window1" 
        Title="Window1" Height="331" Width="488">
            <DataTemplate x:Key="template">
                <Border BorderThickness="1" CornerRadius="9" Opacity="1.0">
                        <SolidColorBrush Color="{Binding Path=Color}"/>
                    <Label Content="{Binding Path=Text}" Padding="5,1,5,1.5" 
                           Foreground="White" FontSize="10" />
        <dxc:ChartControl  CrosshairEnabled="False">
                        <dxc:BarSideBySideSeries2D LabelsVisibility="True" ColorEach="True">
                                <dxc:SeriesPoint Argument="A" Value="10" />
                                <dxc:SeriesPoint Argument="B" Value="20" />
                                <dxc:SeriesPoint Argument="C" Value="30" />
                                <dxc:SeriesPoint Argument="D" Value="40" />
                                <dxc:SeriesPoint Argument="E" Value="50" />
                                <dxc:SeriesLabel ConnectorVisible="False" ElementTemplate="{StaticResource template}" />

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