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DevExpress.Xpf.WindowsUI Namespace

Provides classes that support base Windows Modern UI functionality. To use these classes in XAML code, add the xmlns:dxwui=”“ namespace reference.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Controls.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Controls


Name Description
AnimationSelector Represents a base class for objects that provide a custom logic to select a frame animation.
AppBar Represents the bar in the Windows 8 style.
AppBarButton Represents the button in the AppBar.
AppBarSeparator Represents the separator in the AppBar.
AppBarToggleButton Represents the toggle button in the AppBar.
CommandButton Represents a round button displaying an icon in the outline.
FlipView A Flip View.
FlipViewItem An item within a FlipView.
Flyout A Windows-8 styled flyout.
HamburgerMenu Represents a collapsible navigation menu that displays a stack of navigation buttons. Supports regular buttons, sub-menus, hyperlinks, check and radio buttons.
HamburgerMenuAdaptiveLayoutController Provides options used to customize the HamburgerMenu‘s Adaptive Layout behavior.
HamburgerMenuBottomBarCheckBox Represents an icon-only button in the HamburgerMenu‘s Bottom Bar that an end-user can select (check) or clear (uncheck).
HamburgerMenuBottomBarNavigationButton Represents a icon-only button in the Bottom Bar of the HamburgerMenu that navigates to the specified page with a click.
HamburgerMenuBottomBarRadioButton Represents an icon-only button in the HamburgerMenu‘s Bottom Bar that allows an end-user to select an option from a group of options.
HamburgerMenuHyperlinkButton Represents a button in the HamburgerMenu that functions as a hyperlink.
HamburgerMenuNavigationButton Represents a button with an icon in the Main Menu of the HamburgerMenu that navigates to the specified page with a click.
HamburgerMenuSelectedItemChangedEventArgs Provides data for the HamburgerMenu.SelectedItemChanged and HamburgerSubMenu.SelectedItemChanged events.
HamburgerMenuToggleStateButton Represents the hamburger button in the HamburgerMenu.
HamburgerSubMenu Represents a button with an icon in the HamburgerMenu that provides access to a Sub Menu.
HamburgerSubMenuNavigationButton Represents a button with an icon in the HamburgerMenu‘s Sub Menu.
HamburgerSubMenuPreviewNavigationButton Represents a preview item of the HamburgerMenu‘s Sub Menu.
HamburgerSubMenuThemeSelectorBehavior Populates the associated HamburgerSubMenu with available themes and allows you to choose the application’s theme.
MenuFlyout A Windows-8 styled pop-up menu.
MenuFlyoutItem An item within a MenuFlyout.
MenuFlyoutSeparator A separator within the MenuFlyout.
NavigationButton A button within WindowsUI application capable of navigating to a specific application screen.
NavigationFrame A container within a WindowsUI application which provides the capability to navigate through application screens.
NavigationPage A navigation container that implements the INavigationAware interface.
PageAdornerControl A control that, when navigated to, displays a header and reveals a back button.
PageView A Page View within a WindowsUI application.
PageViewItem An object within a PageView that stores content.
RevealHighlightOptions static Provides access to the Reveal effect options.
SlideView A Slide View container within a WindowsUI application.
SlideViewItem An object within a SlideView that stores content.
SlideViewItemClickEventArgs Provides data for the SlideView.ItemClick event.
WinUIDialogWindow A Windows Modern-styled dialog window.
WinUIMessageBox A Windows Modern UI-styled message box.


Name Description
AnimationType Specifies the animation of transitions between wizard pages.
HamburgerMenuAvailableViewStates Lists values that specify the available view states for the Hamburger Menu.
HamburgerMenuBottomBarItemPlacement Lists values that specify the item’s placement within the HamburgerMenu‘s Bottom Bar.
HamburgerMenuItemPlacement Lists values that specify the item’s placement within the HamburgerMenu‘s Main Menu.
HamburgerMenuViewState Lists values that specify the current view state of the HamburgerMenu.
ItemSizeMode Lists the values that specify how the FlipView sizes its child items.
NavigationCacheMode Provides members that specify different navigation cache modes for WPF WindowsUI applications.
PageHeadersLayoutType Contains members that are passed to the PageView.PageHeadersLayoutType property as its values.
PrefetchedSourcesOptions Enumerates actions that automatically execute when a NavigationFrame receives a list of containers that this frame can navigate to by calling the NavigationFrame.GoBack and NavigationFrame.GoForward methods.
RevealHighlightEffectMode Lists values that specify the elements to which to apply the reveal effect.