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DevExpress.Xpf.Gantt Namespace

Contains classes which implement the main functionality of the GanttControl. To use these classes in XAML code, add the xmlns:dxgn=”“ namespace reference.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Gantt.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Gantt


Name Description
AddingNewPredecessorLinkEventArgs Provides data for the AddingNewPredecessorLink event.
AddingNewResourceLinkEventArgs Provides data for the AddingNewResourceLink event.
BeginNewTaskDrawEventArgs Provides data for the GanttView.BeginNewTaskDraw event.
BeginPredecessorLinkEditEventArgs Provides data for the GanttView.BeginPredecessorLinkEdit event.
BeginProgressMoveEventArgs Provides data for the BeginProgressMove event.
BeginTaskFinishDateMoveEventArgs Provides data for the BeginTaskFinishDateMove event.
BeginTaskMoveEventArgs Provides data for the GanttView.BeginTaskMove event.
CalculateSummaryTaskProgressEventArgs Provides data for the CalculateSummaryTaskProgress event.
CurrentDateTimeStripLine Represents a strip line that indicates the current time (DateTime.Now), and automatically updates its position onscreen.
Daily Represents the daily recurrence.
GanttColumn A column within a GanttControl.
GanttColumnCollection The GanttControl‘s column collection
GanttConnector A gantt connector.
GanttConnectorBase Serves as a base class for the Gantt task Connector.
GanttConnectorEditPreview A gantt connector‘s edit preview.
GanttControl The Gantt control.
GanttControlBand The Gantt control band column.
GanttMilestoneBaselineControl A gantt milestone baseline.
GanttMilestoneControl A gantt milestone.
GanttNode A gantt task.
GanttPredecessorLinkMappings Provides information on the task dependency properties’ mapping to data fields.
GanttResourceControl A gantt resource.
GanttResourceLinkMappings Contains properties that specify data source fields from which the control obtains resource dependencies.
GanttResourceMappings Contains properties that specify data source fields from which the control obtains resources.
GanttSummaryTaskBaselineControl A summary task baseline.
GanttSummaryTaskControl A summary task.
GanttTaskBaselineControl A gantt task baseline.
GanttTaskControl A gantt task.
GanttTaskControlBase Serves as a base class for the gantt items.
GanttView Visualizes the GanttControl data.
GanttViewHitInfo Contains information about the specified element contained within the GanttView.
Mapping Maps persistent object’s properties to the data source fields.
Monthly Represents the monthly recurrence.
MonthlyByDayOfWeek Represents the monthly recurrence in a particular day of week.
NewTaskDrawCanceledEventArgs Provides data for the GanttView.NewTaskDrawCanceled event.
NewTaskDrawingEventArgs Provides data for the GanttView.NewTaskDrawing event.
NewTaskDrawnEventArgs Provides data for the GanttView.NewTaskDrawn event.
PredecessorLinkEditCanceledEventArgs Provides data for the GanttView.PredecessorLinkEditCanceled event.
PredecessorLinkEditedEventArgs Provides data for the GanttView.PredecessorLinkEdited event.
ProgressMoveCanceledEventArgs Provides data for the ProgressMoveCanceled event.
ProgressMovedEventArgs Provides data for the ProgressMoved event.
ProgressMovingEventArgs Provides data for the ProgressMoving event.
QueryAllowedTaskEditActionEventArgs Provides data for the QueryAllowedTaskEditAction event.
QueryAllowPredecessorEditEventArgs Provides data for the QueryAllowPredecessorEdit event.
QueryAllowPredecessorLinkEditEventArgs Provides data for the QueryAllowPredecessorLinkEdit event.
Recurrence Contains properties common to the recurrence rules.
RecurrenceBase Serves as a base class for the recurrence rule objects.
RecurrenceByDayOfWeek Contains properties common to the recurrence rules that specify day of week.
RequestTimescaleRulersEventArgs Provides data for the GanttView.RequestTimescaleRulers event.
SpecificDays Represents a recurrance at specific days.
StripLine Represents a single strip line defined by a start date and duration.
StripLineBase Serves as a base class for strip lines.
StripLineCollection Represents a collection of strip lines and strip line rules.
StripLineControl A control used to render strip lines within Gantt area.
StripLineRule Represents a set of strip lines defined by a recurrence rule and duration.
StripLineToolTipData Contains strip line’s information used in a tooltip as a data context.
TaskFinishDateMoveCanceledEventArgs Provides data for the TaskFinishDateMoveCanceled event.
TaskFinishDateMovedEventArgs Provides data for the TaskFinishDateMoved event.
TaskFinishDateMovingEventArgs Provides data for the GanttView.TaskFinishDateMoving event.
TaskMoveCanceledEventArgs Provides data for the TaskMoveCanceled event.
TaskMovedEventArgs Provides data for the TaskMoved event.
TaskMovingEventArgs Provides data for the TaskMoving event.
TasksScheduledEventArgs Provides data for the TasksScheduled event.
TimescaleRuler A timescale ruler.
Weekly Represents the weekly recurrence.
WorkdayRule Represents a working and nonworking day rule.
WorkdayRuleCollection Represents a collection of working and nonworking day rules.
WorkingTimeRule Represents a working time rule.
WorkingTimeRuleCollection Represents a collection of working time rules.
Yearly Represents the yearly recurrence.
YearlyByDayOfWeek Represents the yearly recurrence in a particular day of week.
YearlyByDayOfYear Represents the yearly recurrence in a particular day of year.


Name Description
IResourceLinksSelector Chooses resource links based on custom logic.


Name Description
ConnectorThumbKind Lists the values that specify which of the connector thumbs are visible to an end user.
CriticalPathHighlightMode Lists the values that specify the critical path highlight mode.
GanttColumnBindingSource Lists the values that specify the gantt task data fields to which a column can be bound.
GanttScrollMode Lists the values used to specify the GanttControl scroll mode.
GanttTaskKind Lists the values that specify the gantt task kind (task, summary task, and milestone).
PredecessorLinkAction Lists the values that specify the type of change an end user made.
PrintArea Lists values that specify parts of the GanttControl that should be printed.
ScheduleMode Lists the values that specify the GanttView.ScheduleMode property.
TaskContentPosition Lists the values that specify the task content position.
TimeIntervalDisplayMode Lists the values that specify how the time intervals are displayed.
TimescaleUnit Lists the values that specify the timescale measure units.