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DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduling Namespace

Contains classes which implement the main functionality of the WPF Scheduler suite. To use these classes in XAML code, add the xmlns:dxsch=”“ namespace reference.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduling.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Scheduling


Name Description
AgendaView A view that displays a chronological list of appointments grouped by day.
AppointmentAddedEventArgs Provides data for the AppointmentAdded event.
AppointmentAddingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.AppointmentAdding event.
AppointmentCRUDEventArgs The base class for CRUD (create, read, update, delete) events.
AppointmentDragResizeViewModel View model used in the drag-and-drop and resize operations, containing appointment property values which are modified during an action.
AppointmentEditedEventArgs Provides data for the AppointmentEdited event.
AppointmentEditingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.AppointmentEditing event.
AppointmentEditViewModel A base class for View Models used in appointment editing window and in-place appointment editor.
AppointmentEditViewModelBase A base class for View Models created for end-user appointment editing (window editor, in-place editor, drag and resize).
AppointmentInplaceEditorViewModel A View Model that contains in-place editor settings.
AppointmentItem An appointment in the Scheduler.
AppointmentItemCancelEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.BeforeAppointmentItemDelete event.
AppointmentItemCollection A collection of appointments.
AppointmentItemConflictEventArgs Provides data to the SchedulerControl.CustomAllowAppointmentConflicts event.
AppointmentItemDragDropEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.AppointmentDrag and SchedulerControl.AppointmentDrop events.
AppointmentItemEventArgs Serves as the base class for classes which provide data for certain AppointmentItem events.
AppointmentItemOperationEventArgs Provides data for the CustomAllowAppointment… events of the SchedulerControl.
AppointmentItemResizeEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.AppointmentResize event.
AppointmentLabelItem An object used as a label to categorize appointments.
AppointmentLabelItemCollection Represents a collection of appointment labels.
AppointmentLabelMappings Provides information on the appointment label properties’ mapping to data fields.
AppointmentMappings Provides information on the appointment properties’ mapping to data fields.
AppointmentRemovedEventArgs Provides data for the AppointmentRemoved event.
AppointmentRemovingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.AppointmentRemoving event.
AppointmentRestoredEventArgs Provides data for the AppointmentRestored event.
AppointmentRestoringEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.AppointmentRestoring event.
AppointmentStatusItem An object used to indicate the busy status of the user for the appointment.
AppointmentStatusMappings Provides information on the appointment status properties’ mapping to data fields.
AppointmentWindowShowingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.AppointmentWindowShowing event.
AppointmentWindowTimeIntervalViewModel A View Model which specifies the appointment’s interval.
CellBrushSchema A combination of colors used to paint the cell background and borders.
CommitAppointmentResizeEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.CommitAppointmentResize event.
CompleteAppointmentDragDropEventArgs Provides data for the CompleteAppointmentDragDrop event.
CompleteAppointmentResizeEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.CompleteAppointmentResize event.
CreateSourceObjectEventArgs Provides data to the DataSource.CreateSourceObject event.
CustomAppointmentBackgroundEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.CustomAppointmentBackground event.
CustomFieldMapping Provides information on custom property mapping to appropriate data fields.
CustomWorkTimeEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.CustomWorkTime event.
DailyRecurrenceBuilder Allows you to define daily recurrences.
DataSource An object that specifies data sources and mappings for the Scheduler objects.
DateNavigationPanel Indicates the interval displayed by the Scheduler control and provides navigation buttons.
DayView A view that displays a detailed picture of events across one or more days.
DayViewBase A base class for views which display one or more days in a detailed manner.
DefaultBarItemNames static Stores the names of the default Scheduler Ribbon items and Pop-Up Menus.
DefaultBrushNames static Contains the names of the default brushes used to colorized the scheduler’s elements.
DeleteOccurrenceWindowShowingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.DeleteOccurrenceWindowShowing event.
DropAppointmentEventArgs Provides data for the DropAppointment event.
FetchDataEventArgs Provides data for the FetchAppointments and FetchTimeRegions events.
FilterAppointmentEventArgs Provides data for the FilterAppointment event.
FilterTimeRegionEventArgs Provides data for the FilterTimeRegion event.
FixedTimeScale A time scale in the Timeline view whose time cell value is set to a custom fixed interval.
GotoDateWindowShowingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.GotoDateWindowShowing event.
HourlyRecurrenceBuilder Allows you to define hourly recurrences.
ItemPropertyChangedEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.ItemPropertyChanged event.
ItemsCollectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.ItemsCollectionChanged event.
LabelColorCollection A color collection used for appointment label colors.
ListView A grid that displays appointments, and allows you to group, sort, and filter them for better analysis.
Mapping Maps persistent object’s properties to the data source fields.
MappingsBase Base class for Scheduler Mappings.
MinutelyRecurrenceBuilder Allows you to define a minute recurrence.
MonthlyRecurrenceBuilder Allows you to define monthly recurrences.
MonthView A view that enables end-users to schedule and view user events by month (several weeks).
OptionsContextMenu Provides options used to customize the Scheduler context menus.
OptionsPrinting Provides options used to customize the Scheduler printing reports.
OptionsWindows Allows specifying custom window types instead of the default windows.
PopupMenuShowingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.PopupMenuShowing event.
QueryContinueAppointmentResizeEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.QueryContinueAppointmentResize event.
RecurrenceBuilder Allows you to define recurrence rules using method chaining (Fluent API style).
RecurrenceWindowShowingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.RecurrenceWindowShowing event.
ReminderItem A reminder for a non-recurring appointment.
RemindersWindowShowingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.RemindersWindowShowingEvent event.
ResizeAppointmentOverEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.ResizeAppointmentOver event.
ResourceBrushSchema A color combination which contains colors used to paint scheduler resources.
ResourceBrushSchemaCollection A collection of color combinations used to paint Scheduler resources.
ResourceItem A common attribute which can be assigned to appointments to group them.
ResourceItemCollection A collection of Scheduler resources.
ResourceItemEmpty static Provides static methods to obtain the empty resource and its identifier.
ResourceMappings Provides information on the resource properties’ mapping to data fields.
ResourceTreeCommands Provides access to Resource Tree commands.
ResourceTreeControl A Resource Tree control.
SchedulerCommands Provides access to Scheduler commands.
SchedulerControl The main control of the Scheduler suite which displays and manages appointments.
SchedulerControlBase A base class for the SchedulerControl.
SchedulerDateNavigatorStyleSettings Contains additional settings and functionality applied to the DateNavigator bound to the SchedulerControl.
SchedulerItemBase A base class for appointment items.
SchedulerItemBaseMappings A base class for classes that provide information on the appointment properties’ mapping to data fields.
SchedulerViewBase A base class for the scheduler views.
SourceObjectContainer A base class for the Scheduler persistent objects.
StartAppointmentResizeEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.StartAppointmentResize event.
TimelineView A view that arranges events and appointments across horizontal timelines.
TimeRegionItem A time region in the Scheduler.
TimeRegionMappings Provides information on the time region properties’ mapping to data fields.
TimeRuler A time ruler for the SchedulerControl.
TimeRulerWindowShowingEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.TimeRulerWindowShowing event.
TimeScale A time scale. Time scales are displayed at the top of the Timeline View.
TimeScaleBase A base class for classes which are time scales in the Timeline view.
TimeScaleCollection A collection of time scales in the Timeline view.
TimeScaleDay A time scale in the Timeline view whose time cell value is equal to a single day.
TimeScaleHour A time scale in the Timeline view whose time cell value is equal to a single hour.
TimeScaleMonth A time scale in the Timeline view whose time cell value is equal to a single month.
TimeScaleQuarter A time scale in the Timeline view whose time cell value is equal to a quarter of a year.
TimeScaleWeek A time scale in the Timeline view whose time cell value is equal to a single week.
TimeScaleWorkDay A time scale in the Timeline view displaying only workdays. Its time cell value is equal to a single day.
TimeScaleWorkHour A time scale in the Timeline view displaying only working hours. Its time cell value is equal to a single hour.
TimeScaleYear A time scale in the Timeline view whose time cell value is equal to a single year.
TimeSpanCollection An ObservableCollection of time intervals.
TriggeredReminder An object that identifies a reminder which is due.
ViewBase A base class for all Scheduler views.
VisibleIntervalsChangedEventArgs Provides data for the SchedulerControl.VisibleIntervalsChanged event.
WeeklyRecurrenceBuilder Allows you to define weekly recurrences.
WeekView A view that displays the entire week.
WindowShowingEventArgs<T> A base class that provides data for events which occur before displaying windows and dialogs.
WorkWeekView A view that displays appointments for the working days in a particular week.
YearlyRecurrenceBuilder Allows you to define yearly recurrences.


Name Description
IDataSourceBase Base interface for the DataSource object.
ISchedulerHitInfo Contains information about a specific point within a scheduler.
ITimeScale Contains information about time scales.


Name Description
AppointmentItemCancelEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.BeforeAppointmentItemDelete event.
AppointmentItemConflictEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.CustomAllowAppointmentConflicts event.
AppointmentItemDragDropEventHandler A method that will handle the SchedulerControl.AppointmentDrag or SchedulerControl.AppointmentDrop event.
AppointmentItemEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.InitNewAppointment event.
AppointmentItemOperationEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.AllowAppointmentCreate, SchedulerControl.AllowAppointmentDelete, SchedulerControl.AllowAppointmentEdit and SchedulerControl.CustomAllowInplaceEditor events.
AppointmentItemResizeEventHandler A method that will handle the SchedulerControl.AppointmentResize event.
AppointmentWindowShowingEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.AppointmentWindowShowing event.
CustomAppointmentBackgroundEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.CustomAppointmentBackground event.
CustomWorkTimeEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.CustomWorkTime event.
DeleteOccurrenceWindowShowingEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.DeleteOccurrenceWindowShowing event.
GotoDateWindowShowingEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.GotoDateWindowShowing event.
ItemPropertyChangedEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.ItemPropertyChanged event.
ItemsCollectionChangedEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.ItemsCollectionChanged event.
PopupMenuShowingEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.PopupMenuShowing event.
RecurrenceWindowShowingEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.RecurrenceWindowShowing event.
RemindersWindowShowingEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.RemindersWindowShowing event.
TimeRulerWindowShowingEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.TimeRulerWindowShowing event.
VisibleIntervalsChangedEventHandler A method that handles the SchedulerControl.VisibleIntervalsChanged event.


Name Description
AppointmentDragResizeMode Lists modes which determine how an appointment fits in the time cell when dragging or resizing.
BrushSavingType Lists data types used for storing the Brush object.
CommandBarStyle Lists values used to specify the type of the Scheduler’s command bar.
DateNavigationPanelDisplayMode Lists the values for the DisplayMode.
DXColorSavingType Lists data types used for storing the color.
FetchMode Lists values that specify whether to process the FetchAppointments and FetchTimeRegions events in bound or unbound mode.
ItemType Lists item types for which the SchedulerControl.ItemPropertyChanged and SchedulerControl.ItemsCollectionChanged events occur.
MonthViewDisplayUnit Lists values that specify whether to round the selection up to a whole week or a whole month.
MonthViewMode Lists the values that specify the MonthView display mode.
MoreButtonVisibility Lists values used to specify the More buttons visibility.
RefreshDataKind Lists types of data to be refreshed and reflect any changes made in it.
ResizeAction Lists values that specify if and how the resize operation should continue.
ResizeHandle Lists values that indicate whether the user is dragging the appointment’s top or bottom edge.
ResizeState Lists states of the resize action.
SchedulerHitTestType Lists the values that identify a scheduler’s elements.
ScrollOnDragMode Lists values that specify whether the user can scroll the scheduler’s view area by dragging an appointment to the viewport’s border.
SnapToCellsMode Lists the fit modes of appointment in the time cell(s) by stretching it to the cell’s boundaries.
TimelineViewMode Lists the values that specify the TimelineView display mode.
TimeRegionType Lists the types of time regions.
TimeScaleUnit Lists the values that specify the time scale measure unit.
ToolTipMode Lists the values used to specify a visual element the SchedulerControl displays when the mouse pointer hovers over an appointment.