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DevExpress.Xpf.Docking Namespace

Contains classes that implement the main functionality of the DXDocking for WPF suite. To use these classes in XAML code, add the xmlns:dxdo=”“ namespace reference.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Docking.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Docking


Name Description
Appearance Contains a LayoutItem cell’s states.
AppearanceObject Contains an item’s appearance properties.
AutoHideGroup A container for auto-hidden dock panels.
AutoHideGroupCollection Represents a collection of AutoHideGroup objects.
BaseLayoutItem Represents the base class for dock panels and groups.
BaseLayoutItemCollection Represents a collection of BaseLayoutItem objects.
ClosedPanelCollection Represents a collection of closed (hidden) panels.
ContentItem An abstract class for objects capable of displaying content.
DefaultMenuItemNames static Contains names of the context menu items.
DockController Provides methods to perform docking operations on panels.
DockControllerBase The base class for DockControllers that provide methods to perform docking operations on panels.
DockControllerCommand Provides commands on dock panels.
DockingDocumentUIService Allows you to show documents in docked LayoutPanels.
DockLayoutManager Represents a container for dock and layout items.
DockLayoutManagerLinker static Provides methods for link operations.
DocumentGroup A container for DocumentPanel and LayoutPanel objects. The DocumentGroup displays child DocumentPanel‘s in tabbed or MDI UIs.
DocumentPanel A child panel in a DocumentGroup. The DocumentPanel supports the MDI and Tabbed UIs.
EmptySpaceItem Adds whitespace to a UI. The whitespace is a rectangle object with invisible bounds that has its own height and width.
FixedItem Serves as a base class for fixed items that you can find in the Customization Window (the EmptySpaceItem, LabelItem, LayoutSplitter, and SeparatorItem ).
FloatGroup A container for floating panels.
FloatGroupCollection Represents a collection of FloatGroup objects.
LabelItem A label that displays custom text.
LayoutControlItem A Layout Group‘s child element that can display a control with a label.
LayoutController Represents the object that provides methods to manage the layout of items.
LayoutGroup A container for items and groups.
LayoutPanel A dock panel. You can use a LayoutPanel in dock and layout UIs.
LayoutSplitter Allows you to resize a layout item at runtime.
RestoreLayoutOptions Contains options that control the restoration of dock and layout items.
SeparatorItem A line that you can place between neighboring UI elements to improve the display of your application’s layout.
TabbedDocumentUIService Allows you to show documents in tabbed DocumentPanels.
TabbedGroup A tabbed group of dock panels (LayoutPanel objects).


Name Description
IDockController Provides methods to perform docking operations on groups and panels. DevExpress.Xpf.Docking.DockControllerBase
IMDIController Provides methods to perform operations on MDI panels.


Name Description
ActivateOnFocusing Lists the values that specify how the content item is activated on focusing.
AutoHideType Contains values that identify possible auto-hide positions for dock panels.
AutoScrollOnOverflow Lists the values that specify how the tab headers are scrolled while selecting tabs when tab headers could not fit into the header panel.
CaptionAlignMode Enumerates the options that specify how the controls and their captions are aligned within the layout items.
CaptionLocation Contains values that specify the position of an item’s caption.
ClosePageButtonShowMode Enumerates values that specify whether Close buttons are displayed in individual tab pages, the tab control’s header, or in both.
ClosingBehavior Contains values that specify how panels are closed.
DockGuide Contains values that specify dock hint sections. Each DockGuide consists of multiple DockHints.
DockHint Contains values that specify the dock hint.
DockingStyle Contains values that specify the dock behavior of the DockLayoutManager.
DockingViewStyle Lists the values that specify the docking items’ view style.
DockItemState Contains values that identify dock states.
DockOperation Provides members to label different docking operation types.
FixedItemStyle Identifies the type a FixedItem object.
FloatingMode Contains values that specify how floating panels can be dragged.
FloatState Contains values that identify dock states.
GroupBorderStyle Contains values that specify how a group’s borders are rendered.
ImageLocation Contains values that specify how an image is displayed relative to an adjacent text region.
LogicalTreeStructure Lists values that specify the logical tree structure.
MDIState Enumerates available states for panels in a DocumentGroup in MDI mode.
MDIStyle Contains values that specify how a DocumentGroup represents its children.
SelectionOnTabRemoval Lists the values that specify which tab is selected when closing the current tab.
TabbedGroupDisplayMode Lists the DocumentGroup‘s displaying modes.