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ChartToolTipController Class

Provides options that define the tooltip appearance and behavior for a chart.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Charts


public class ChartToolTipController :

The following members return ChartToolTipController objects:


Use the ChartControl.ToolTipController property to get access to the ChartToolTipController object.

Then, it becomes possible to customize the tooltip appearance on a chart (e.g., ChartToolTipController.ShowBeak, ChartToolTipController.ShowShadow) and define the tooltip behavior (e.g, ChartToolTipController.CloseOnClick, ChartToolTipController.OpenMode and ChartToolTipController.InitialDelay).

For more information on how to use a tooltip in your application, see the Tooltips topic.


This example demonstrates how to show a tooltip when a user clicks a series point.

Set the ChartControl.ToolTipEnabled property to true to enable tooltips. Until you disable ChartControlBase.CrosshairEnabled, the Crosshair Cursor and tooltip are shown simultaneously.

To invoke a tooltip for a marker series, such as LineSeries2D, user should click or hover over a point marker. Set the LineSeries2D.MarkerVisible property to true to enable markers.

The Series.ToolTipPointPattern property defines the text shown in a tooltip for a point.

To customize the tooltip behavior, initialize the ChartControl.ToolTipController property with an ChartToolTipController object. Specify its ChartToolTipController.OpenMode, ChartToolTipController.ShowShadow, ChartToolTipController.InitialDelay, and ChartToolTipController.ContentMargin properties.

<dxc:ChartControl CrosshairEnabled="False" 
        <dxc:ChartToolTipController OpenMode="OnClick" 
        <dxc:LineSeries2D MarkerVisible="True"
                          ToolTipPointPattern="{}Argument: {A}&#x0a;Value: {V:f3}"/>

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