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ManualNumericScaleOptions.GridOffset Property

Gets or sets the offset of grid lines.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.v22.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Charts


public double GridOffset { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Description

A Double value which specifies the grid offset.


By default, the ManualNumericScaleOptions.AutoGrid is true, and the GridOffset is set automatically. If you wish to change the grid offset, specify the GridOffset property value.


This example demonstrates how to use the manual numeric scale options of the X-axis.

When the AxisX2D.NumericScaleOptions property is set to ManualNumericScaleOptions, you can manually define the ManualNumericScaleOptions.GridAlignment, ManualNumericScaleOptions.MeasureUnit and ManualNumericScaleOptions.AggregateFunction properties.

To use the automatic numeric scale options, set the AxisX2D.NumericScaleOptions property to AutomaticNumericScaleOptions and choose the appropriate AutomaticNumericScaleOptions.AggregateFunction.

To prevent the axis scale from being divided into intervals (and thus prevent chart data from being aggregated), set the ManualNumericScaleOptions.AggregateFunction or AutomaticNumericScaleOptions.AggregateFunction property to None.

View Example

        Title="MainWindow" Height="350" Width="525">
        <dxc:ChartControl >
                    <dxc:AxisX2D GridLinesVisible="True">
                            <dxc:ManualNumericScaleOptions MeasureUnit="100" GridAlignment="1000" 
                                                           AggregateFunction="Maximum" GridSpacing="2"/>
                <dxc:LineSeries2D DataSource="{Binding Path=Series}" 
                                  ArgumentDataMember="Argument" ValueDataMember="Value"/>
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