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FormatConditionRuleAppearanceBase Members

The base class for style formats that allow cells to be customized using the FormatConditionRuleAppearanceBase.Appearance property.


Name Description
FormatConditionRuleAppearanceBase() Initializes a new instance of a FormatConditionRuleAppearanceBase class.


Name Description
BetweenConditionsIncludeEndpoints static Gets or sets whether the Between condition is inclusive (the Value1 and Value2 property values are included in the interval). Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.


Name Description
AllowAnimation Gets or sets whether the format is repainted with an animation effect when a cell value changes. Animation effects are supported for specific format rules, only in Data Grid’s GridView, BandedGridView and AdvBandedGridView. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
Appearance Allows you to explicitly set the appearance settings (background and foreground colors and font settings) for target cells. This property’s settings take priority over the style specified by the FormatConditionRuleAppearanceBase.PredefinedName property.
IsValid Gets whether the current FormatConditionRuleBase object is properly customized. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
PredefinedName Gets or sets the name of a predefined or custom style applied to target cells.


Name Description
Assign(FormatConditionRuleBase) Copies settings from the specified object to the current object. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
BeginUpdate() Locks the FormatConditionRuleBase by preventing change notifications from being fired, preventing visual updates until the EndUpdate method is called. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
ConvertToDecimal(Object) static Converts the specified object to the nullable decimal type. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
CreateInstance() This method is overridden by FormatConditionRuleBase descendants to create new class instances. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
EndUpdate() Unlocks the FormatConditionRuleBase object after a call to the BeginUpdate method and causes an immediate visual update. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
Equals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified object instances are considered equal. Inherited from Object.
Equals(Object) Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. Inherited from Object.
GetAllowAnimation() Gets whether an animation effect is enabled for and supported by the format rule. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
GetHashCode() Serves as the default hash function. Inherited from Object.
GetOwner() For internal use. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
GetType() Gets the Type of the current instance. Inherited from Object.
IsFit(IFormatConditionRuleValueProvider) Returns whether the current rule evaluates to “true” for input values provided by the specified valueProvider. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
MemberwiseClone() protected Creates a shallow copy of the current Object. Inherited from Object.
ReferenceEquals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified Object instances are the same instance. Inherited from Object.
ToString() Returns the text representation of the current object. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
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