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DevExpress.XtraBars.Ribbon Namespace

Contains the main classes that support the RibbonControl’s infrastructure.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Navigation


Name Description
ApplicationMenu A MS Office 2007-inspired main menu for Ribbon UI.
AppMenuFileLabel A label that imitates an item in the Recent Documents pane in MS Office 2007 UI. This is a custom-made control designed for the Ribbon Simple Pad demo, and is not included in the official WinForms Controls line-up. User discretion is advised. We recommend that you use the RecentItemControl instead.
BackstageViewButtonItem This item acts as a button within a BackstageViewControl.
BackstageViewClientControl A container that displays the contents of a BackstageViewTabItem within a BackstageViewControl.
BackstageViewControl A main menu for Ribbon UI, inspired by the menus found in MS Office 2010-2016.
BackstageViewItem A base class for items within a BackstageViewControl.
BackstageViewItemBase A base class for items within a BackstageViewControl.
BackstageViewItemEventArgs Contains data for events that occur for a BackstageViewControl‘s items.
BackstageViewItemSeparator A separator between items within a BackstageViewControl.
BackstageViewTabItem Acts as a tab page within a BackstageViewControl.
ExpandCollapseMenuShowingEventArgs Contains data for the ExpandCollapseMenuShowing event.
GalleryControl The control displaying an image gallery, with the capability to categorize items into groups.
GalleryDropDown Displays an image gallery and custom commands in a popup window.
GalleryFilterMenuClickEventArgs Provides data for events that fire when items are clicked within a gallery’s Filter Menu.
GalleryFilterMenuEventArgs Provides data for the events that fire when a Filter Menu is about to be displayed for a gallery.
GalleryItem Represents an item within a gallery.
GalleryItemClickEventArgs Provides data for the BaseGallery.ItemClick event.
GalleryItemCollection Represents a collection of gallery items.
GalleryItemCustomDrawEventArgs Provides data for events used to custom paint gallery items.
GalleryItemEventArgs Provides data for gallery item handling events.
GalleryItemGroup Represents a group of gallery items within a gallery.
GalleryItemGroupCollection Represents a collection of gallery groups.
ImageGalleryFilterMenu Represents a filter menu for a GalleryControl.
RadialMenu The menu where items are arranged along the circumference.
RecentButtonItem A simple button for the Recent Item Control.
RecentControlContainerItem A RecentItemControl‘s item that holds any custom content.
RecentHyperlinkItem An hyperlink element within the RecentItemControl.
RecentItemBase A base class for all UI elements in the RecentItemControl.
RecentItemControl The control designed to build a complex content for BackstageViewTabItem objects.
RecentItemEventArgs Provides base data for RecentItemControl elements’ events.
RecentLabelItem A label item within the RecentItemControl.
RecentPanelBase A base class for the RecentItemControl‘s panels (e.g., the RecentStackPanel objects).
RecentPinItem A pin item within the Recent Item Control.
RecentSeparatorItem A RecentItemControl element that visually delimits other elements.
RecentStackPanel A simple RecentItemControl panel that arranges elements in a single column.
RecentTabItem A tab element within the Recent Item Control.
RecentTextGlyphItemBase The base class for all RecentItemControl elements that are able to display both caption and image.
RibbonBarItems Represents a collection of bar items within the RibbonControl.
RibbonControl Allows you to create a Ribbon toolbar with commands grouped into categories, pages and page groups.
RibbonCustomizationFormOptions Represents options related to the Customization Form.
RibbonEmptyAreaImageOptions Contains options that specify a raster or vector image displayed in the ribbon’s empty area.
RibbonForm A form that supports incorporation of a RibbonControl.
RibbonMergeEventArgs Contains data for the Merge, BeforeUnMerge, and UnMerge events.
RibbonMessageArgs Contains Ribbon message-related settings.
RibbonMiniToolbar A popup toolbar whose transparency depends on the distance from the mouse cursor to it.
RibbonMiniToolbarCollection A RibbonControl‘s collection of RibbonMiniToolbar objects
RibbonMiniToolbarOpacityOptions Provides opacity options for a toolbar.
RibbonOptionsExpandCollapseMenu Contains settings that specify the availability and behavior of the Ribbon Display Options popup menu.
RibbonOptionsSearchMenu Contains properties related to the Search Menu.
RibbonOptionsTouch Provides access to a set of properties that manage this RibbonControl‘s touch behavior.
RibbonPage Represents a Ribbon Page within a RibbonControl.
RibbonPageCategory Represents a Ribbon page category.
RibbonPageCategoryCollection Represents a collection of RibbonPageCategory objects.
RibbonPageCategoryOptions Stores settings applied to all categories owned by a parent Ribbon. To access these settings, use the RibbonControl.OptionsPageCategories property.
RibbonPageCollection Represents a collection of pages within the RibbonControl.
RibbonPageGroup Represents a group within a Ribbon Page.
RibbonPageGroupCollection Represents a page group collection for Ribbon pages.
RibbonPageGroupEventArgs Provides data for the RibbonControl.PageGroupCaptionButtonClick and RibbonPageGroup.CaptionButtonClick events.
RibbonQuickAccessToolbar Represents the Quick Access Toolbar.
RibbonSearchMenuBaseEventArgs Contains data for events related to the Search Menu.
RibbonSearchMenuEnterPressedEventArgs Contains data for the SearchMenuEnterPressed event.
RibbonSearchMenuEventArgs Contains data for the CustomizeSearchMenu event.
RibbonStatusBar The status bar designed to be used along with the RibbonControl.


Name Description
BackstageViewItemEventHandler A method that will handle events that take BackstageViewItemEventArgs object as a parameter.
GalleryItemClickEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the BaseGallery.ItemClick event.
GalleryItemCustomDrawEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the BaseGallery.CustomDrawItemImage and BaseGallery.CustomDrawItemText events.
RibbonPageGroupEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the RibbonControl.PageGroupCaptionButtonClick and RibbonPageGroup.CaptionButtonClick events.


Name Description
BackstageViewItemAlignment Enumerates values that specify the vertical alignment of items in the Backstage View.
BackstageViewShowRibbonItems Provides members that specify which RibbonControl‘s parts will be visible within an Office 2013-styled BackstageViewControl.
GalleryItemGroupCaptionAlignment Contains values that specify the horizontal alignment of a group caption content..
GallerySizeMode Contains values that specify how a dropdown gallery can be resized.
ItemImageLocation Contains values that specify how an image is displayed next to a text region.
RibbonControlColorScheme Enumerates Ribbon paint schemes.
RibbonControlStyle Enumerates paint styles for a RibbonControl.
RibbonItemStyles Lists the options that specify the bar item’s possible states within a Ribbon Control.
RibbonMdiMergeStyle Contains values specifying when the merge mechanism is invoked in MDI applications when using Ribbon Controls within a parent and child MDI forms.
RibbonPageCategoryAlignment Enumerates values that specify how custom page categories are aligned.
RibbonPageGroupItemsLayout Specifies how small items are arranged within a RibbonPageGroup in the Office2007, Office2010 and Office2013 Ribbon styles.
RibbonQuickAccessToolbarLocation Lists the values that specify the location of a Quick Access Toolbar.
ShowPageHeadersMode Lists values that specify when Ribbon page headers are displayed.
ShowPageKeyTipsMode Lists modes that specify how to display key tips for ribbon pages.