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DevExpress.XtraBars.Docking2010.Views.WindowsUI Namespace

Contains the classes that maintain the Windows UI View infrastructure for the DocumentManager component.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Navigation


Name Description
BaseContentContainer A base class for all Content Containers types used within a WindowsUIView.
BaseNavigationEventArgs Provides members that store base data for WindowsUI Navigation Events.
BaseTile Provides base Tiles’ functionality.
Document A Document within a WindowsUIView.
DocumentAction A push button displayed within a Content Container header and related to a specific Document.
DocumentCheckAction A check button displayed within a Content Container header and related to a specific Document.
DocumentGroup The base class for all Content Containers that display multiple Documents.
Flyout A WindowsUIView container that emulates Windows8-styled message boxes and pop-up windows.
FlyoutAction An object that contains buttons and text displayed within a Flyout.
FlyoutCommand Provides buttons for FlyoutAction objects.
FlyoutResultEventArgs Provides data for the WindowsUIView.FlyoutHidden event.
NavigationEventArgs Provides data for the WindowsUIView.NavigatedFrom and WindowsUIView.NavigatedTo events.
OverviewContainerDefaultProperties Provides settings for the WindowsUI View Overview screen of the current container.
OverviewContainerProperties Provides settings for all WindowsUI View Overview screens.
Page A WindowsUI View container that displays a single Document.
PageGroup A WindowsUI View container that stores multiple Documents but can display only one of them at a time.
SlideGroup A WindowsUI View container that arranges multiple Documents side-by-side in a single scrollable row or column.
SplitGroup A WindowsUI View container that displays all its Documents simultaneously, arranging them in a single row or column without a scroll bar. End-users can resize Documents at runtime by dragging split bars.
TabbedGroup A Tabbed Group container within a WindowsUI View
Tile A Tile within a WindowsUIView.
TileContainer A WindowsUI View container that displays Tiles and unites them in multiple groups.
UIActionPropertiesCore Base class for WindowsUI buttons (actions).
WindowsUIView A DocumentManager View that allows you to create Windows 10-like applications.


Name Description
IBaseTileProperties Contains properties for Tiles within a WindowsUIView.
IContentContainerAction Provides base functionality for custom Navigation Bar Actions.
IContentContainerDefaultProperties Provides properties for individual Content Containers within the WindowsUI View.
IContentContainerProperties Provides properties that affect all Content Containers within the WindowsUI View.
IDocumentActionsArgs Provides members that store specific data for the ISupportDocumentActions.OnQueryDocumentActions method and the WindowsUIView.QueryDocumentActions event.
IDocumentSelectorDefaultProperties Provides advanced properties for individual PageGroup and TabbedGroup content containers.
IDocumentSelectorProperties Provides advanced properties for all PageGroup and TabbedGroup content containers within this WindowsUIView.
IFlyoutDefaultProperties Contains settings for a specific Flyout within a WindowsUIView.
IFlyoutProperties Contains settings common to all Flyouts within a WindowsUIView.
IPageGroupDefaultProperties Contains properties for individual PageGroups within a WindowsUIView.
IPageGroupProperties Contains properties common to all PageGroups within a WindowsUIView.
ISlideGroupDefaultProperties Contains properties for individual SlideGroups within a WindowsUIView.
ISlideGroupProperties Contains properties common to all SlideGroups within a WindowsUIView.
ISupportDocumentActions Provides the ISupportDocumentActions.OnQueryDocumentActions method that can be used to add How To: Create Custom Document Actions to specific Documents.
ISupportNavigation Provides methods that allow you to pass specific data when navigating through Content Containers within a WindowsUI View.
ITabbedGroupDefaultProperties Provides access to this TabbedGroup object’s settings.
ITabbedGroupProperties Provides access to properties common to all TabbedGroups within this WindowsUIView.
ITileContainerDefaultProperties Contains properties for individual TileContainers within a WindowsUIView.
ITileContainerProperties Provides settings for all TileContainers within a WindowsUIView.
IWindowsUIViewController An object that implements operations on a WindowsUIView‘s documents and Content Containers.


Name Description
FlyoutStyle Enumerates members that specify the Flyout style.
NavigationMode Provides members that label different navigation modes.