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DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Preview Namespace

Contains classes that implement the print preview functionality in XtraPrinting library.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraPrinting.v24.1.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.Win.Navigation, DevExpress.Win.Printing


Name Description
DefaultPrintDialogRunner Specifies a Print dialog to select a printer, specify the print options (number of copies, page range, and paper source) and print the document.
DocumentViewer The control to publish (preview, print and export) documents in Windows Forms applications.
DocumentViewerBarManager A BarManager tailored to provide the toolbar, status bar and menu elements to the DocumentViewer.
DocumentViewerRibbonController A PrintRibbonController tailored to provide a ribbon toolbar to the DocumentViewer.
EditingFieldExtensionsWin Provides functionality to register custom editors to be used for editing the control content in Print Preview.
ImageCollectionItem An object that provides an image and its caption.
ImageEditorOptions Provides options for the image editor that you can use to edit the XRPictureBox control’s content in Print Preview.
PageSetupEditorForm A customized Page Setup dialog that reflects the application’s current Look And Feel settings.
PrintBarManager As part of the DocumentViewer control, provides the toolbar, status bar and menu elements in a Print Preview.
PrintDialogRunner Provides settings to an application’s Print dialog.
PrintPreviewFormEx A print preview form with a standard toolbar.
PrintPreviewFormExBase The base class for the print preview forms with a standard toolbar.
PrintPreviewRibbonFormEx A print preview form with a ribbon toolbar.
PrintRibbonController As part of the DocumentViewer control, provides a ribbon toolbar to a Print Preview.
RibbonControllerBase The base for Ribbon Controller classes that embed their specific functionality into the existing RibbonControl object.
RibbonImageCollection Represents the collection of images used in the Ribbon UI.
SystemPrintDialogRunner Enables running the standard PrintDialog.


Name Description
PreviewDockPanelKind Identifies the End-User Print Preview‘s dock panels.
PrintDialogAllowFlags Enables modifying options in the Print dialog that is provided by the PrintDialogRunner.