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DevExpress.XtraGauges.Win.Gauges.Linear Namespace

Contains classes that constitute the infrastructure of linear gauges.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGauges.v24.1.Win.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Gauges


Name Description
LinearGauge Represents a horizontally or vertically oriented bar with scales.
LinearScaleBackgroundLayerComponent Represents a background layer within linear gauges.
LinearScaleComponent Represents a scale within a linear gauge.
LinearScaleEffectLayerComponent Represents an effect layer within linear gauges.
LinearScaleLevelComponent Represents a level bar within linear gauges.
LinearScaleMarkerComponent Represents a marker within linear gauges.
LinearScaleRangeBarComponent Represents a range bar within linear gauges.
LinearScaleStateIndicatorComponent Represents a state indicator within linear gauges.