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DevExpress.XtraVerticalGrid Namespace

Contains classes implementing the general functionality of the vertical grid controls that come with the XtraVerticalGrid Suite.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraVerticalGrid.v24.1.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.Win.Navigation, DevExpress.Win.VerticalGrid


Name Description
BaseOptionsCustomization Contains customization options for the VGridControl.
BaseOptionsView Provides view options for vertical grid controls.
FilterPopupExcelParseFilterCriteriaEventArgs Provides data for the FilterPopupExcelParseFilterCriteria event.
PGridOptionsBehavior Provides behavior options for a PropertyGridControl.
PGridOptionsView Provides view options for a property grid control.
PropertyDescriptionControl The control that displays descriptions for properties being browsed in a PropertyGridControl.
PropertyGridControl The control that allows you to display and edit properties of any object or set of objects.
VGridAppearanceCollection Provides the appearance settings used to paint elements in a vertical grid.
VGridAppearanceCollectionEx Contains appearance settings for the control’s elements.
VGridControl The grid control that displays data in a tabular form with data fields rendered as rows, and records rendered as columns. See Vertical Grid.
VGridControlBase Serves as a base for the VGridControl and PropertyGridControl classes.
VGridHitInfo Contains information about a point referenced by specified coordinates.
VGridOptionsBehavior Provides behavior options for a vertical grid control..
VGridOptionsFilter Provides filtering options for the control.
VGridOptionsHint Provides options that control the tooltip feature for a vertical grid’s elements.
VGridOptionsLayout Provides options that control how the current layout is stored to/restored from a data store (a stream, xml file or system registry).
VGridOptionsView Provides view options for a vertical grid control.


Name Description
EditorAlignment Enumerates values that specify how an editor is aligned in a grid row.
EditorPosition Enumerates values that specify the editor position relative to the property caption.
FindMode Contains values that specify how data searching is initiated within VGridControlBase descendants.
FindPanelLocation Enumerates values that specify the location of the Find Panel in the Property Grid.
HitInfoTypeEnum Lists the values used to identify the grid element located under a specific point or this point’s position relative to the control.
LayoutViewStyle Contains values that specify the layout style applied to a vertical grid control.
MultiSelectMode Contains values that specify multiple selection mode in the Vertical Grid control.
PropertySort Enumerates modes that specify how property rows are sorted in the Property Grid control.
RowChangeTypeEnum Contains values indicating how the row has been changed.
RowDragEffect Contains values specifying the available effect for the processed drag operation.
RowDragSource Contains values that specify the source of a row drag operation.
ScrollVisibility Lists values specifying the availability of control’s elements that enable data scrolling.
ShowButtonModeEnum Lists values that specify the cells that display editor buttons.
TreeButtonStyle Lists values specifying the appearance of the category row’s tree button.
TreeButtonType Lists values that specify a tree button’s type.
VGridState Contains values indicating all the available states for the vertical grid.