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DevExpress.XtraBars.Navigation Namespace

Contains navigation controls.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v22.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Navigation


Name Description
AccordionContentContainer A container of custom controls for AccordionControl elements.
AccordionContextItemCollection Represents a collection of ContextItem objects displayed in an AccordionControlElement.
AccordionContextItemCollectionOptions Stores an AccordionContextItemCollection‘s settings.
AccordionControl An advanced hierarchical navigation menu.
AccordionControlContextButtonCustomizeEventArgs Provides data for the ContextButtonCustomize event.
AccordionControlElement An element within AccordionControl.
AccordionControlElementBase The base class for elements in the AccordionControl.
AccordionControlHtmlTemplates Contains HTML-CSS templates used to render the control’s UI elements.
AccordionOptionsFooter Comprises the Accordion control’s footer specific options.
AccordionOptionsHamburgerMenu Comprises the Accordion control’s hamburger menu view specific options.
CustomDrawHamburgerButtonEventArgs Provides arguments for the CustomDrawHamburgerButton event.
ExpandStateChangingEventArgs Provides data for the AccordionControl.ExpandStateChanging event.
NavButton Represents a button in the TileNavPane‘s nav bar.
NavElement The base class for elements in the TileNavPane control.
NavigationBarItem Represents an item in the OfficeNavigationBar control.

The flat-styled page container without built-in navigation elements (unlike the TabPane), displaying one page at a time. Supports animation effects when navigating through pages. See Navigation Frame and Tab Pane.

NavigationPage A child element within the NavigationPane, NavigationFrame and TabPane controls.
NavigationPageBase Provides base NavigationPage and TabNavigationPage properties.
NavigationPageDefaultProperties Contains properties for this specific NavigationPage.
NavigationPageProperties Provides members that affect all NavigationPages within the parent control (NavigationFrame or NavigationPane).

The page container with vertically arranged built-in flat tabs, displaying one page at a time in an expandable area, which can be resized, maximized and collapsed. Supports animation effects when navigating through pages. See Navigation Pane.

OfficeNavigationBar The MS Outlook-inspired navigation bar that supports integration with the NavBarControl.
OfficeNavigationBarHitInfo Contains hit-testing results.
OptionsMinimizing Comprises options specific to the accordion control’s minimized state.
TabNavigationPage A content container for the Tab Pane control.

The page container with built-in flat tabs (unlike the NavigationFrame), displaying one page at a time. Supports animation effects when navigating through pages. See Navigation Frame and Tab Pane.

TileBar The bar with tiles that support the dropdown functionality.
TileBarDropDownContainer The dropdown control container that can be associated with a TileBarItem object
TileBarDropDownOptions Contains options that specify the view and behavior settings of dropdown controls associated with TileBarItems.
TileBarDropDownShowingEventArgs Provides data for the TileBar.DropDownShowing event.
TileBarGroup A group of tiles in the TileBar control.
TileBarItem An item, rendered as a tile in the TileBar control.
TileNavButtonCollection Represents a collection of ITileNavButton objects.
TileNavCategory Represents a navigation element on the root level of the TileNavPane navigation hierarchy.
TileNavCategoryCollection Represents a collection of TileNavCategory objects.
TileNavElement Represents a base class for elements of the TileNavPane‘s navigation hierarchy that are represented as tiles in drop-down tile bars.
TileNavItem Represents a navigation element on the second level of the TileNavPane navigation hierarchy.
TileNavItemCollection Represents a collection of TileNavItem objects.
TileNavPane The hierarchical tile menu, providing navigation in a touch-friendly manner.
TileNavPaneDropDownOptions Represents a class containing the miscellaneous settings applied to a drop-down tile bar and its tiles.
TileNavSubItem Represents a navigation element on the last level of the TileNavPane navigation hierarchy.
TileNavSubItemCollection Represents a collection of TileNavSubItem objects.


Name Description
ITileNavButton Allows a control to be rendered as a button in the TileNavPane‘s nav bar.


Name Description
ExpandStateChangingEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the AccordionControl.ExpandStateChanging event.


Name Description
AccordionContentContainerSizeMode Enumerates values that specify whether an AccordionContentContainer is stretched vertically to occupy the Accordion Control’s available empty space.
AccordionControlDisplayMode Enumerates modes that specify how the AccordionControl is displayed in the expanded and collapsed states.
AccordionControlRootDisplayMode Enumerates how the AccordionControl‘s root groups and items are displayed.
AccordionControlViewType Provides values that specify the AccordionControl view type.
AccordionPopupFormAutoHeightMode Enumerates values that specify how to calculate the pop-up form’s height.
ActiveGroupDisplayMode Enumerates modes that specify how the group currently selected in the Accordion control’s footer is displayed in the main menu.
BackColorMode Contains values that specify how the TileBarItem.DropDownControl‘s background is painted.
ElementStyle Enumerates types of elements in the AccordionControl.
ExpandElementMode Enumerates element expansion modes in the AccordionControl.
OfficeNavigationBarHitTest Enumerates values that identify the visual element at a screen point.
ScrollBarMode Enumerates display modes for the vertical scroll bar in the AccordionControl.
TileBarItemSize Enumerates available tile sizes for the TileBar control.
TileNavPaneMainButtonBehavior Defines the contents of the drop-down tile bar that is invoked on clicking the Main Button.