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SearchControl Class

A control that allows a user to search and filter data in the attached control.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraEditors

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Navigation


public class SearchControl :

The following members return SearchControl objects:


The SearchControl allows a user to enter a query in the search box to filter data in the attached control. To specify the attached control, use the SearchControl.Client property.


searchControl1.Client = listBoxControl1;

Apply Queries

The control automatically applies a query after a delay. Use the FindDelay property to specify the delay. You can also disable the AllowAutoApply property to apply search queries only when a user presses the Enter key.

MRU Items

Use the SearchControl.Properties.Items property to access the collection of most recently used (MRU) items.

// Clears all MRU items.

Related event handlers:


The control can display the Search and Clear buttons. Use the ShowDefaultButtonsMode property to specify when these buttons are displayed:

  • AutoChangeSearchToClear and Default - the Search button changes to the Clear button if a query is entered in the search box.

    SearchControl_ShowDefaultButtonsMode _AutoChangeSearchToClear

  • AutoShowClear - the Clear button is displayed if a query is entered in the search box.

    SearchControl_ShowDefaultButtonsMode _AutoShowClear

  • Always - the Search and Clear buttons are always displayed.

    SearchControl_ShowDefaultButtonsMode _Always

The ShowMRUButton property specifies whether to show the drop-down button that invokes a list of recently used search requests. You can also use the Buttons collection to add custom buttons to the control.


The control displays a prompt when no query is entered in the search box. Use the NullValuePrompt property to specify the prompt.


textEdit1.Properties.NullValuePrompt = "Enter text to search...";

Multi-Column Clients

If the client control displays data in multiple columns, the SearchControl searches in all of them. You can handle the QueryIsSearchColumn event to prevent a search in a specific column.


The code below shows how to search in the Ship Country column only.


using DevExpress.XtraEditors;

private void searchControl1_QueryIsSearchColumn(object sender, QueryIsSearchColumnEventArgs args) {
    if (args.FieldName != "ShipCountry")
        args.IsSearchColumn = false;    

Embed the Control in a Bar or Ribbon

You can place a SearchControl on a bar or ribbon. See the following topic for more information: RepositoryItemSearchControl.

Search Syntax

See the following topic for more information about search syntax: Find Panel Syntax.

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