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DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.WinExplorer Namespace

Contains classes implementing the functionality of the WinExplorerView.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGrid.v23.2.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.Win.Grid, DevExpress.Win.Navigation


Name Description
WinExplorerView Displays records using one of seven styles supported by Microsoft Windows Explorer — Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, List, Tiles, and Content. Supports HTML-CSS templates that allow you to override the default data presentation in these styles.
WinExplorerViewAppearances Stores appearance settings allied to Groups and items within a WinExplorerView.
WinExplorerViewColumns Stores the collection of an item data field within a WinExplorerView and GridColumns, assigned to these fields.
WinExplorerViewContentStyleOptions Provides options that affect the layout of elements in the WinExplorerViewStyle.Content style.
WinExplorerViewContextButtonCustomizeEventArgs Provides data for the WinExplorerView.ContextButtonCustomize event.
WinExplorerViewContextButtonToolTipEventArgs Provides data for the WinExplorerView.CustomContextButtonToolTip event.
WinExplorerViewListStyleOptions Contains appearance and behavior settings applied in the WinExplorerViewStyle.List paint style.
WinExplorerViewStyleOptions Provides access to a specific WinExplorerView Style’s advanced settings.
WinExplorerViewStyleOptionsCollection Provides access to properties that allow you to specify advanced settings for each WinExplorerView Style.


Name Description
WinExplorerViewContextButtonCustomizeEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the WinExplorerView.ContextButtonCustomize event.
WinExplorerViewContextButtonToolTipEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the WinExplorerView.CustomContextButtonToolTip event.


Name Description
SelectionDrawMode Contains values that specify the way selection for WinExplorerView items with no captions are drawn
WinExplorerViewStyle Provides member that specify different WinExplorerView Styles.