TileItemFrame.Animation Property

Gets or sets the animation effect used to display the current TileItemFrame.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraEditors

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v20.1.dll


public TileItemContentAnimationType Animation { get; set; }
Public Property Animation As TileItemContentAnimationType

Property Value

Type Default Description


A TileItemContentAnimationType enumerator value specifying what animation effect will be used to display the current TileItemFrame.


TileItems support the frame animation feature. Tiles animation is a repeated sequence of TileItemFrame objects. Each of them contains its own TileItemFrame.Elements collection that is used to build content for a specific frame. By default, frames are changed with the bottom-to-top animation effect. Use the Animation property to specify which animation effect should be used to display a TileItemFrame. Use the TileItem.ContentAnimation and TileControl.ItemContentAnimation properties to set an animation effect common to all frames within a tile or to all tiles within a TileControl respectively.

The figure below illustrates a Random Segmented Fade animation effect, applied to the TileItem.

TileControl - RandomSegmentedFade

To specify what TileItemFrame's content should remain unchanged, use the TileItemFrame.AnimateText, TileItemFrame.AnimateImage and TileItemFrame.AnimateBackgroundImage properties.

See the Tile Animation topic to learn more.

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