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FormatConditionRuleValue Properties

Applies a format if a column’s value meets a specified condition (Equal, Less, Between, etc.).
Name Description
AllowAnimation Gets or sets whether the format is repainted with an animation effect when a cell value changes. Animation effects are supported for specific format rules, only in Data Grid’s GridView, BandedGridView and AdvBandedGridView. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
Appearance Allows you to explicitly set the appearance settings (background and foreground colors and font settings) for target cells. This property’s settings take priority over the style specified by the FormatConditionRuleAppearanceBase.PredefinedName property. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleAppearanceBase.
Condition Gets or sets the comparison operator (Equal, Between, Less, etc.).
Expression Gets or sets a Boolean expression to which target cells should match.
IsValid Gets whether the current FormatConditionRuleBase object is properly customized. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleBase.
PredefinedName Gets or sets the name of a predefined or custom style applied to target cells. Inherited from FormatConditionRuleAppearanceBase.
Value1 Gets or sets the first constant that is compared with column values.
Value2 Gets or sets the second constant that is compared with column values.
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