XtraMessageBox.Show(XtraMessageBoxArgs) Method

Displays an XtraMessageBox with the specified settings.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraEditors

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v21.1.dll


public static DialogResult Show(
    XtraMessageBoxArgs args


Name Type Description
args XtraMessageBoxArgs

An XtraMessageBoxArgs object that allows you to dynamically customize the displayed dialog.


Type Description

A DialogResult enumerator value that specifies which message box button an end-user has clicked.


You can handle the Showing event for the args parameter to dynamically customize the message box content and buttons. The code below illustrates an example.

XtraMessageBoxArgs args = new XtraMessageBoxArgs();
args.Showing += Args_Showing;
args.Caption = "Default Text";
args.Buttons = new DialogResult[] { DialogResult.OK, DialogResult.Cancel };

private void Args_Showing(object sender, XtraMessageShowingArgs e) {
    e.Form.Text = "Custom Text";
    e.Buttons[DialogResult.OK].Text = "Yes";
    e.Buttons[DialogResult.Cancel].Text = "No";

As a result, the displayed message box will have content and button captions that differ from those that were initially set.

Dialog - Showing args

See the XtraMessageBox article for more examples.

The following list shows the default parameters of the Show method overloads. You can override these parameters using a specific Show method overload.

  • Caption - Empty string
  • Buttons - MessageBoxButtons.OK
  • Owner - null
  • Icon - MessageBoxIcon.None
  • DefaultButton - MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1
  • XtraMessageBox.AllowHtmlText - DefaultBoolean.Default
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