WindowsFormsSettings.InplaceEditorUpdateMode Property

Gets or sets edit value update mode for BarEditItems which display inplace editors in bars (see Bar Manager) and Ribbon controls. This property is supported for a limited set of inplace editors. See the Remarks section for more information.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraEditors

Assembly: DevExpress.Utils.v21.1.dll


public static InplaceEditorUpdateMode InplaceEditorUpdateMode { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Description

An DevExpress.XtraEditors.InplaceEditorUpdateMode enumerator value that specifies the edit value update mode for inplace editors.


Setting the InplaceEditorUpdateMode property to the Immediate value is in effect for the following in-place editors embedded in bars and Ribbon controls using BarEditItem objects.

BarEditItems are used to embed in-place editors in bars and Ribbon controls. An in-place editor exists while it has focus. It is created when you click (focus) the edit box (or call the BarEditItemLink.ShowEditor method), and it is automatically destroyed once it loses focus. To provide an initial value for the in-place editor, use the BarEditItem.EditValue property. When the in-place editor is created, its EditValue is initialized with BarEditItem.EditValue.

When the InplaceEditorUpdateMode property equals to InplaceEditorUpdateMode.Postponed (default), the in-place editor saves its modified value back to the BarEditItem.EditValue property only when the editor is about to lose focus. Only at this exact time, the BarEditItem.EditValueChanged event fires, which helps you respond to changing values by an end-user. The following animation shows that the BarEditItem.EditValueChanged events fire for the two BarEditItems (that display a CheckEdit and TrackBar in-place editors) after the editors lose focus. Such behavior allows end-users to modify editors multiple times before the final state is posted.

EditorsUpdateMode - Postponed

If the InplaceEditorUpdateMode property is set to InplaceEditorUpdateMode.Immediate, an editor updates the BarEditItem.EditValue property and fires the BarEditItem.EditValueChanged event with each change to the editor’s EditValue. This mode allows your application to immediately react to end-user actions. The following animation illustrates an example.

EditorsUpdateMode - Immediate

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