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PictureEdit.SvgImage Property

Sets or gets the vector image displayed by the editor.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraEditors

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v22.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Navigation


public SvgImage SvgImage { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Default Description
SvgImage null

A DevExpress.Utils.Svg.SvgImage object representing the vector image displayed by the picture editor.


The SvgImage property value is equivelant to the PictureEdit.EditValue property. The property is declared to avoid type conversion when accessing the image displayed by the editor.

To specify how the vector image is displayed and aligned in the editor, use the RepositoryItemPictureEdit.SizeMode and RepositoryItemPictureEdit.PictureAlignment properties (accessible through PictureEdit.Properties).

Changnig the SvgImage property value at runtime, raises the PictureEdit.ImageChanged event.

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