BaseListBoxControl.SelectedIndex Property

Gets or sets the index of the currently selected item.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraEditors

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v21.1.dll


public virtual int SelectedIndex { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Description

An integer value representing the zero-based index of the item in the list box control. -1 if no item is selected.


If single-selection mode is applied to the list box control (the BaseListBoxControl.SelectionMode property value is set to SelectionMode.One), this property holds the index of the currently selected item. Otherwise, if the control is in multi-select mode (the BaseListBoxControl.SelectionMode property value is set either to SelectionMode.MultiSimple or SelectionMode.MultiExtended), indexes of all currently selected items represent the collection which can be accessed via BaseListBoxControl.SelectedIndices property. In this instance, the SelectedIndex property contains the first element in BaseListBoxControl.SelectedIndices.

If you want to obtain the currently selected item, use the BaseListBoxControl.SelectedItem property. In addition, use the BaseListBoxControl.SelectedValue property to obtain the value of the currently selected item.

Changing the SelectedIndex property value raises the BaseListBoxControl.SelectedIndexChanged and BaseListBoxControl.SelectedValueChanged events.

Note: setting the SelectedIndex property to a value greater than the number of items immediately sets it to the last item’s index.


The following sample code declares a DeleteItems method accepting two parameters:

  • listBoxControl - a ListBoxControl;
  • index - the index of an item after which all items are to be removed.

Use this method to delete all items from the ListBoxControl items collection that are next to the specified one. If the listBoxControl parameter points to a non-existent control or the index parameter points either to the non-existent control or the last item in the collection, method execution will not take place.

Note: if the control specified by the listBoxControl parameter is bound to a data source, method execution will not take place.

private void DeleteItems(ListBoxControl listBox, int index){
   int count = listBox.ItemCount;
   if (index < listBox.ItemCount - 1)
      for (int i = index + 1; i < count; i ++)
         listBox.Items.RemoveAt(index + 1);
// ...
// Deletes all items from the ListBoxControl collection after the selected one
DeleteItems(listBoxControl1, listBoxControl1.SelectedIndex);
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