BaseListBoxControl.FindString(String) Method

Finds the first item in the list box control starting with the specified string.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraEditors

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v21.2.dll


public int FindString(
    string s


Name Type Description
s String

A string value representing the search text.


Type Description

An integer value representing the zero-based index of the first item found. -1 if no item is found.


This method searches for the first item that starts with the specified string. You can then remove the item containing the search text by using either the Remove or RemoveAt methods. You can also change the item’s text. Note: the search is not case-sensitive. If you need to search for further instances of the text in the list box control, you can use a FindString method override and provide a parameter to specify a start index.

If you want to search for an exact word match instead of a partial match, use the BaseListBoxControl.FindStringExact method.


The following sample code declares a DeleteItems method. This method provides search of items whose display text starts with the string specified by the s parameter (“Chicago”) within the ListBoxControl item’s collection. If found, the method removes them from the items collection.

Note: this method works if no data source is bound to the list box control. Otherwise, method execution will not take place.

The image below demonstrates the ListBoxControl control’s look & feel before and after sample code execution.

BaseListBoxControl - FindString

using DevExpress.XtraEditors;
// ...
private void DeleteItems(ListBoxControl listBox, string s) {
    int index = listBox.FindString(s);
    if (index == -1) return;
    while (index != -1) {
        index = listBox.FindString(s, index);
// ...
DeleteItems(listBoxControl1, "Chicago");
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