StyleFormatConditionBase Properties

Serves as a base for classes that represent style conditions.
Name Description
Appearance Gets or sets the appearance settings used to paint the elements (e.g., cells in the XtraGrid) that match the specified format condition.
AppearanceDescription Provides access to appearance settings used to paint this StyleFormatConditionBase‘s description.
Collection Gets the collection that owns the current style condition object.
Condition Gets or sets the comparison operation used by the style condition object.
Enabled Gets or sets whether the current condition is in effect.
Expression Gets or sets the Boolean expression. When it evaluates to true, the StyleFormatConditionBase.Appearance is applied to data. The Expression property is in effect when the StyleFormatConditionBase.Condition property is set to FormatConditionEnum.Expression.
IsValid Gets a value indicating whether the current style format condition is enabled.
Name Gets or sets the StyleFormatConditionBase object’s name.
Tag Gets or sets a value which identifies the current style condition object.
Value1 Gets or sets the first comparison value.
Value2 Gets or sets the second comparison value.
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