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ButtonEdit.ButtonPressed Event

Occurs when pressing an editor button.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraEditors

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Navigation


public event ButtonPressedEventHandler ButtonPressed

Event Data

The ButtonPressed event's data class is ButtonPressedEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
Button Gets the button being pressed/clicked.


Write a ButtonPressed event handler to perform actions in response to pressing an editor button.

The editor’s ButtonPressed event is equivalent to the RepositoryItemButtonEdit.ButtonPressed event available via the ButtonEdit.Properties object, i.e. adding/removing an event handler for the current event actually affects the RepositoryItemButtonEdit.ButtonPressed event.

Refer to the RepositoryItemButtonEdit.ButtonPressed topic for more information.


The following code shows a ButtonEdit.ButtonPressed event handler for a button edit control.
When the end-user presses the first button (button with index 0), the handler activates a custom dialog of class Form2. The form’s constructor requires an edit value which will be edited in the dialog. After the form is successfully closed, the modified value is retrieved via the EditingValue property and assigned back to the editor’s edit value.

using DevExpress.XtraEditors.Controls;

private void buttonEdit1_ButtonPressed(object sender, ButtonPressedEventArgs e) {
    ButtonEdit editor = (ButtonEdit)sender;
    int buttonIndex = editor.Properties.Buttons.IndexOf(e.Button);
    if (buttonIndex == 0) {
      using(var form = new Form2(editor.EditValue)) {
          if(form.ShowDialog(this) == DialogResult.OK)
              editor.EditValue = form.EditingValue;
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