MapEditor.SimplifyItems(IEnumerable<MapItem>, Double) Method

Reduces the number of vertices that form the vector layer’s items with specified tolerance.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Map

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Map.v21.2.dll


public void SimplifyItems(
    IEnumerable<MapItem> items,
    double tolerance


Name Type Description
items IEnumerable<MapItem>

The items to be simplified.

tolerance Double

A percent of vertices that vector shapes contain after simplification. This value should be in the (0;100) range.


This example demonstrates how to reduce the number of vertices that form vector layer items.

To do this, use the MapEditor.SimplifyItems(IEnumerable<MapItem>, Double) method.

The TrackBarEdit component is used to change the Tolerance parameter. The tolerance defines the percent of vertices that vector shapes should contain after simplification.

using System;
using System.Windows;
namespace SvgDataAdapterSample {
    public partial class MainWindow : Window {        
        public MainWindow() {
        private void OnTrackbarEditValueChanged(object sender, DevExpress.Xpf.Editors.EditValueChangedEventArgs e) {
            double tolerance = Convert.ToDouble(toleranceTrackbar.EditValue);
            mapControl.MapEditor.SimplifyItems(adapter.DisplayItems, tolerance);
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