MapPushpin Properties

The class used to draw a pushpin on a map.
Name Description
Angle Gets or sets the map item's rotation angle in radians. Inherited from MapPointer.
Attributes Gets the attributes for this map item. Inherited from MapItem.
BackgroundDrawingMode Gets or sets the states on which the pushpin background should be drawn.
CanMove Gets or sets the value specifying whether the map item can moved while editing the map using the Map Editor. Inherited from MapItem.
ClusteredItems Returns the collection of MapItem objects that are in a cluster presented by this cluster representative. Inherited from MapItem.
Fill Overrides the MapPushpin.Fill property to hide it.
Font Gets or sets a font used to paint a map pointer's text. Inherited from MapPointer.
HighlightedFill Overrides the MapPushpin.HighlightedFill property to hide it.
HighlightedStroke Overrides the MapItem.HighlightedStroke property to hide it.
HighlightedStrokeWidth Overrides the MapItem.HighlightedStrokeWidth property to hide it.
Image Gets or sets an image that is assigned to a map pointer. Inherited from MapPointer.
ImageIndex Gets or sets the image index value of an image assigned to the map pointer. Inherited from MapPointer.
ImageUri Gets or sets a Uri that defines the location of an Image file with vector data. Inherited from MapPointer.
Information Gets or sets the content that can be displayed on a map's pushpin.
IsHitTestVisible Gets or sets a value that defines whether or not a map item can be returned as a hit-testing result. Inherited from MapItem.
IsUpdateLocked Gets whether a map item has been locked for updating. Inherited from MapItem.
Layer Provides access to the map items layer object. Inherited from MapItem.
Location Gets or sets the location of a MapPointer object. Inherited from MapPointer.
RenderOrigin Gets or sets the center point of any possible render, relative to the bounds of the map pushpin.
SelectedFill Overrides the MapItem.SelectedFill property to hide it.
SelectedStroke Overrides the MapItem.SelectedStroke property to hide it.
SelectedStrokeWidth Overrides the MapItem.SelectedStrokeWidth property to hide it.
Stroke Overrides the MapItem.Stroke property to hide it.
StrokeWidth Overrides the MapItem.StrokeWidth property to hide it.
SvgImage Gets or sets an SVG image assigned to the map pointer. Inherited from MapPointer.
SvgImageSize Gets or sets the SVG glyph size. Inherited from MapPointer.
SvgPaletteProvider Gets or sets a provider used to apply colors depending on the map item state. Inherited from MapPointer.
Tag Gets or sets the object that contains data related to a map item. Inherited from MapItem.
Text Gets or sets the text for a map pointer. Inherited from MapPointer.
TextAlignment Overrides the MapPointer.TextAlignment property to hide it.
TextColor Gets or sets the color of a text map pointer. Inherited from MapPointer.
TextGlowColor Gets or sets the glow color of a text for a map pushpin.
TextOrigin Specifies the exact XY position where you wish the text to be drawn on the map pushpin.
TextPadding This property is hidden and can't be used for MapPushpin.
ToolTipPattern Gets or sets a string which represents the pattern specifying the text to be displayed within a tooltip that appears for a map item. Inherited from MapItem.
Transparency Gets or sets the transparency value for the MapPointer. Inherited from MapPointer.
UseAnimation Gets or sets whether to play the animation when a location of the map pointer is changed on a map. Inherited from MapPointer.
Visible Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not a map item should be displayed. Inherited from MapItem.
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