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MapRuler Class

Draws a ruler on the map.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraMap

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraMap.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Map


public class MapRuler :


The Map Control uses rulers to measure distances and areas on a map. Two types of rulers are supported:

Distance Ruler Area Ruler
Map Distance Ruler Map Area Ruler

Create Ruler

Use the Measurements.CreateRuler method to add a ruler to the map. The following code displays a distance ruler on the map:

MapRuler ruler = mapControl1.Measurements.CreateRuler( RulerType.Distance, 
                                                        new List<CoordPoint>(){
                                                           new GeoPoint(48.864716, 2.349014),   // Paris
                                                           new GeoPoint(45.46427, 9.18951),     // Milan
                                                           new GeoPoint(48.20849, 16.37208) }); // Vienna

Map Ruler

Configure Ruler Points

To modify a ruler, configure ruler points. You can use the following methods:



InsertPoint(MapRuler, CoordPoint, Int32)

Adds a new point to the ruler passed as a parameter.

RemovePoint(MapRuler, Int32)

Removes the point with the specified index.

UpdatePoint(MapRuler, CoordPoint, Int32)

Changes coordinates of the point with the specified index.

The example below creates a ruler to measure the distance between Paris, Milan and Vienna. After calculating this distance, the code updates the ruler as follows:

  • a point is added at Berlin’s coordinates;
  • the first point is moved from Paris to Dusseldorf;
  • the point at Milan’s coordinates is removed from the ruler.
MapRuler ruler = mapControl1.Measurements.CreateRuler(RulerType.Distance,
                                                        new List<CoordPoint>() {
                                                            new GeoPoint(48.864716, 2.349014), // Paris
                                                            new GeoPoint(45.46427, 9.18951),   // Milan
                                                            new GeoPoint(48.20849, 16.37208)   // Vienna
//The code below updates the ruler.                                                        
mapControl1.Measurements.InsertPoint(ruler, new GeoPoint(52.520008, 13.404954), 2); // Berlin
mapControl1.Measurements.UpdatePoint(ruler, new GeoPoint(51.2217200, 6.7761600), 0); // Dusseldorf
mapControl1.Measurements.RemovePoint(ruler, 1); // Milan
Before Update After Update
Before update ruler points  After update ruler points

Remove Ruler

The RemoveRuler(MapRuler) method removes the ruler passed as a parameter:


If you need to delete all rulers from the map, call the RemoveRulers() method:


Customize Ruler Appearance

Use the CreateRuler(RulerType, IList<CoordPoint>, MapRulerStyle) method to define the ruler’s appearance. The MapRulerStyle class contains ruler style options.


MapRulerStyle style = new MapRulerStyle();
style.Stroke = Color.Red;
style.StrokeWidth = 3;
MapRuler ruler1 = mapControl1.Measurements.CreateRuler(RulerType.Distance, 
                                                      new List<CoordPoint>() {
                                                          new GeoPoint(51.2217200, 6.7761600), // Dusseldorf
                                                          new GeoPoint(52.520008, 13.404954),  // Berlin
                                                          new GeoPoint(48.20849, 16.37208)   // Vienna
                                                      }, style);

Related API members:



CreateRuler(RulerType, IList<CoordPoint>, MapRulerStyle)

Creates a ruler with the specified style.


Contains ruler style options.


Gets or sets the ruler’s outline color.


Gets or sets the ruler’s outline width.


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