ColumnView.SetFocusedRowModified() Method

Marks the focused row as modified.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Base

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGrid.v21.1.dll


public virtual void SetFocusedRowModified()


The focused row is automatically marked as modified if the values of its cells have been modified since the row last received focus. Use the SetFocusedRowModified method to manually mark the focused row as modified. When a modified row loses focus the ColumnView.ValidateRow event is raised. This event provides the ability to check that the values of rows are valid and implement an appropriate response (display an error message, prohibit row focus moving until the cell values are corrected, etc).

To identify whether the focused row was modified use the ColumnView.FocusedRowModified property.


Detail pattern Views do not contain data and they are never displayed within XtraGrid. So, the SetFocusedRowModified member must not be invoked for these Views. The SetFocusedRowModified member can only be used with real Views that are displayed within the Grid Control. The real Views with which an end-user interacts at runtime can be accessed using the following methods.

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