BingItineraryItem(GeoPoint, BingManeuverType, String, List<BingItineraryItemWarning>, Double, TimeSpan) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the BingItineraryItem class with the specified settings.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraMap

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraMap.v20.1.dll


public BingItineraryItem(
    GeoPoint location,
    BingManeuverType maneuver,
    string maneuverInstruction,
    List<BingItineraryItemWarning> warnings,
    double distance,
    TimeSpan time
Public Sub New(
    location As GeoPoint,
    maneuver As BingManeuverType,
    maneuverInstruction As String,
    warnings As List(Of BingItineraryItemWarning),
    distance As Double,
    time As TimeSpan


Name Type Description
location GeoPoint

A GeoPoint object specifying the location. This value is assigned to the BingItineraryItem.Location property.

maneuver BingManeuverType

A BingManeuverType enumeration value specifying the maneuver type. This value is assigned to the BingItineraryItem.Maneuver property.

maneuverInstruction String

A String specifying the maneuver instruction. This value is assigned to the BingItineraryItem.ManeuverInstruction property.

warnings List<BingItineraryItemWarning>

A list of BingItineraryItemWarning objects containing a warning for this itinerary item. This value is assigned to the BingItineraryItem.Warnings property.

distance Double

A Double value specifying the item distance. This value is assigned to the BingItineraryItem.Distance property.

time TimeSpan

A TimeSpan value specifying the time required to pass this itinerary item. This value is assigned to the BingItineraryItem.Time property.

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