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BingItineraryItem Properties

Contains information about a single itinerary item of a Bing route.
Name Description
CompassDirection Returns the compass direction indicating the cardinal point.
Detail Returns the additional information about the single itinerary item of the route.
Details The information about the required maneuvers on the itinerary item.
Distance Gets the distance of the itinerary item.
Hints Returns the hints to assist in the route passage.
Location Gets the location of the itinerary item.
Maneuver Gets the maneuver type associated with the itinerary item.
ManeuverInstruction Gets the maneuver instruction of the itinerary item.
SideOfStreet Returns the side of the street where the route destination is.
Signs Returns the signs which are placed along the route.
Time Gets the time required to pass the itinerary item.
TowardsRoadName Returns the street name in which direction the first itinerary item goes.
Warnings Gets the warnings associated with the itinerary item.
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