AlbersEqualAreaConicCartesianToGeoConverter(Ellipsoid, Double, Double, GeoPoint, Double, Double) Constructor

Initializes new instance of the AlbersEqualAreaConicCartesianToGeoConverter class with the specified parameters.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraMap

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraMap.v20.2.dll


public AlbersEqualAreaConicCartesianToGeoConverter(
    Ellipsoid ellipsoid,
    double falseEasting,
    double falseNorthing,
    GeoPoint projectionCenter,
    double standardParallelN,
    double standardParallelS
Public Sub New(
    ellipsoid As Ellipsoid,
    falseEasting As Double,
    falseNorthing As Double,
    projectionCenter As GeoPoint,
    standardParallelN As Double,
    standardParallelS As Double


Name Type Description
ellipsoid Ellipsoid

An Ellipsoid object.

falseEasting Double

A Double value specifying the false easting value.

falseNorthing Double

A Double value specifying the false northing value.

projectionCenter GeoPoint

A GeoPoint object specifying the central meridian and the latitude of projection's origin.

standardParallelN Double

A Double value specifying the north standard parallel.

standardParallelS Double

A Double value specifying the south standard parallel.

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