WinRTLiveTileManager.UpdateTile(WideTile, SquareTile, Boolean) Method

Adds the specific Live Tile content to a queue.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars.WinRTLiveTiles

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v20.1.dll


public UpdateTileResult UpdateTile(
    WideTile wideTile,
    SquareTile squareTile,
    bool enableQueue
Public Function UpdateTile(
    wideTile As WideTile,
    squareTile As SquareTile,
    enableQueue As Boolean
) As UpdateTileResult


Name Type Description
wideTile WideTile

A WideTile template to be added in the queue.

squareTile SquareTile

A SquareTile template to be added in the queue.

enableQueue Boolean

true to add this content to the current queue; false to replace the current queue with this content.


Type Description

An UpdateTileResult enumerator value specifying whether the operation was successfully completed.


The UpdateTile method places new content for both Wide and Square Live Tile templates at the end of the current animation queue. When an old queue comes to the end, the content added via the UpdateTile method is displayed. If the enableQueue parameter equals false, the current Live Tile animation queue will be replaced by the specified content.


It's not recommended to use the UpdateTile method too often. Normally, as the Microsoft Supporting Apps with Background Tasks article states, update operations should not exceed 2 seconds of CPU time each 15 minutes. More frequent use of the UpdateTile method may cause the background tasks to malfunction.

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