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BarHeaderItem Class

Displays static text using a heading style which is determined by the current skin. The text is typically painted bold against a background that is different from the background of regular buttons. Use BarHeaderItem to add headers to a PopupMenu or BarSubItem (sub-menu) to separate sets of items.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Navigation


public class BarHeaderItem :

The following members return BarHeaderItem objects:


BarHeaderItem is a bar item that can be added to a PopupMenu or BarSubItem (sub-menu) to give a caption to a set of items that follow this BarHeaderItem.


The items that follow the BarHeaderItem in the PopupMenu/BarSubItem are arranged in one column by default. You can arrange them in multiple columns by setting the BarHeaderItem.MultiColumn property to True. Multi-column mode settings (including the number of columns and item text visibility) can be customized using the BarHeaderItem.OptionsMultiColumn property.

To enable multi-column mode for all items in the PopupMenu and BarSubItem, use the PopupMenu.MultiColumn and BarLinkContainerItem.MultiColumn inherited property, respectively. If the BarHeaderItem.MultiColumn property is set to Default, the multi-column mode availability is specified by the MultiColumn property of the item’s owner menu. It is possible to customize multi-column mode settings in a centralized way, using these properties:

See Bar Item Links to learn more.


If you only need to display a caption at the top of the PopupMenu, use the PopupMenu.MenuCaption and PopupMenu.ShowCaption properties.


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