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Docking Library

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The WinForms Docking Library allows you to create Visual Studio-inspired Dock Window interfaces. The library includes built-in support for auto-hide windows, splitters, tab containers, and dock hints.

WinForms Docking Library | DevExpress

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Dock Manager

Use the DockManager component to create and manage dock panels. The Dock Manager ships with an intuitive Visual Studio IDE designer - designed to simplify setup.

WinForms Dock Manager Component | DevExpress

Dock Panels

Users can drag, resize, and pin dock panels. You can dock panels to any edge of a parent container or to other dock panels. You can also make any panel float over other controls. A floating panel is always on top of all other panels.

Dock Panels - WinForms Docking Library | DevExpress

Read the following topic for more information on panel containers: How to Work with Panel Containers.

Header Buttons

Dock panels and panel containers can display various types of header buttons. Default buttons include: Maximize, Auto-Hide, and Close. You can also display the following custom button types: Push, Check, and Radio.

Header Buttons - WinForms Docking Library | DevExpress

Read the following topic to learn more: Header Buttons.

Manage Dock Panels in Code

The following topics describe public APIs that allow you to create, rearrange, and customize dock panels and panel containers:

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