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WinUI Controls

WinUI Controls is a package of DevExpress technologies that help you to quickly begin developing WinUI 3 desktop packaged apps with a WinUI-based user interface for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

This documentation contains the following sections.

  • Prerequisites

    Contains information about system requirements for installing and using DevExpress WinUI Controls.

  • Get Started

    Describes how to create a new application with DevExpress WinUI controls.

  • Controls

    Contains documentation for each product included in the suite.

  • MVVM Framework

    Describes the DevExpress WinUI MVVM Framework that allows you to use the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern.

  • Get More Help

    Describes alternative information sources on using DevExpress products and services.

  • API Reference

    Contains a description of the product’s public API.