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How To: Organize Bar Items into Categories

Categories are bar item groups that can only be viewed by end-users inside the Customization Window dialog.

Bars - Switch Categories

The most handy way to add categories at design time is utilizing the Customization Window dialog. To invoke it, right-click a Bar Manager and select “Customize”.

Bars - Add Categories 2

Same dialog allows you to group bar items into categories. To do so, click the default “(Unassigned Items)” category and drag-and-drop items to the desired one.

Bars - Drag To Category

To categorize items in code, create a BarManagerCategory object and add it to the BarManager.Categories collection. Then, assign this category to the BarItem.Category properties of all required bar items.

BarManagerCategory cAlignment = new BarManagerCategory();
cAlignment.Name = "Alignment";
bbiAlignCenter.Category = bbiAlignJustify.Category = bbiAlignLeft.Category =
    bbiAlignRight.Category = cAlignment;