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MenuAppearance Class

Contains style settings used to customize items within popup menus and container items.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Navigation


public class MenuAppearance :

The following members return MenuAppearance objects:


The MenuAppearance class provides properties to control the style settings of subitems, i.e. items displayed within popup menus (PopupMenu) and container items (BarCustomContainerItem descendants):

  • MenuAppearance.Menu allows you to define style settings for the menu region that displays the captions of subitems
  • MenuAppearance.MenuBar contains style settings to paint a bar box region (a bar displayed to the left of the submenu items). It is designed to draw custom information via the PaintMenuBar event. To make the bar visible, set the popup menu’s or container item’s MenuBarWidth property to a value greater than 0.
  • MenuAppearance.SideStrip and MenuAppearance.SideStripNonRecent provide styles for painting a side strip (a region displaying items’ icons). You can specify how to fill this region for recently and non-recently used links. Use the BarItemLink.MostRecentlyUsed property to define whether a link is among recently or non-recently used links.

Use the PopupMenu.MenuAppearance object to customize styles for subitems within this particular popup menu. Similarly, the BarCustomContainerItem.MenuAppearance object allows you to access styles for subitems of the container item. If you need to provide common default styles for subitems within popup menus and container items, use the BarManagerAppearances.SubMenu property of the BarAndDockingController.AppearancesBar object.

The PopupMenu.MenuAppearance and BarCustomContainerItem.MenuAppearance settings, if used, will override the default BarManagerAppearances.SubMenu settings. XtraBars uses special flags to indicate that particular style properties were set and must be used for painting. These flags can be obtained via the AppearanceObject.Options object of each style property.

See Appearance and Look and Feel to learn more.


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