WideTile.CreateTileWidePeekImage05(Image, Image, String, String) Method

Creates a two-sided WideTile. The front side contains one wide image. The back side contains a small square image, bold header and a string of regular text, wrapped over a maximum of 4 lines.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars.WinRTLiveTiles

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v20.1.dll


public static WideTile CreateTileWidePeekImage05(
    Image image1,
    Image image2,
    string header,
    string text2
Public Shared Function CreateTileWidePeekImage05(
    image1 As Image,
    image2 As Image,
    header As String,
    text2 As String
) As WideTile


Name Type Description
image1 Image

An Image stretched over the entire WideTile's front side.

image2 Image

A square Image on the WideTile back side's left.

header String

A String value that is the bold header on the right of the WideTile back side right.

text2 String

A String value that is the regular text below the header. Wrapped over a maximum of 4 lines.


Type Description

A WideTile with a wide image on the front side and square image, bold header and regular text on the other side.


A Live Tile created via the CreateTileWidePeekImage05 method displays one side at a time, changed after a certain period of time. See the Microsoft Tile Template Catalog article to see all available Live Tile templates.

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