InformationDataProviderBase.LayerItemsGenerating Event

Occurs when a data provider starts generating map items for a layer.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraMap

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraMap.v21.1.dll


public event LayerItemsGeneratingEventHandler LayerItemsGenerating

Event Data

The LayerItemsGenerating event's data class is LayerItemsGeneratingEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
Cancelled Gets a value indicating whether an asynchronous operation has been canceled. Inherited from AsyncCompletedEventArgs.
Error Gets a value indicating which error occurred during an asynchronous operation. Inherited from AsyncCompletedEventArgs.
Items Returns all the items generated for the layer.
UserState Gets the unique identifier for the asynchronous task. Inherited from AsyncCompletedEventArgs.

The event data class exposes the following methods:

Method Description
RaiseExceptionIfNecessary() Raises a user-supplied exception if an asynchronous operation failed. Inherited from AsyncCompletedEventArgs.


View Example

void OnLayerItemsGenerating(object sender, LayerItemsGeneratingEventArgs e) {
    foreach(MapItem item in e.Items) {
        MapPolyline polyline = item as MapPolyline;
        if(polyline != null) {
            polyline.Stroke = Color.FromArgb(0xFF, 0x00, 0x72, 0xC6);
            polyline.StrokeWidth = 4;
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