RibbonGalleryBarItem Events

A bar item that represents an In-Ribbon gallery.
Name Description
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
DownChanged Occurs after the item’s pressed state has been changed. Inherited from BarBaseButtonItem.
GalleryCustomDrawItemImage Enables images of gallery items to be painted manually.
GalleryCustomDrawItemText Enables the text of gallery items to be painted manually.
GalleryFilterMenuItemClick Fires when a filter menu item is clicked.
GalleryFilterMenuPopup Fires when an end-user invokes the filter menu.
GalleryInitDropDownGallery Enables a gallery, when displayed as a dropdown window, to be customized.
GalleryItemCheckedChanged Fires whenever a gallery item’s check (selected) state is changed.
GalleryItemClick Fires when a gallery item is clicked.
GalleryItemDoubleClick Fires after a gallery item has been double-clicked.
GalleryItemHover Fires when the mouse pointer hovers over a Gallery item.
GalleryItemLeave Fires when the mouse pointer leaves a Gallery item.
GalleryPopupClose Fires when a popup window containing a gallery is closed.
HyperlinkClick Occurs each time an end-user clicks a hyperlink within the current BarItem. Inherited from BarItem.
ItemClick Occurs when the current item is clicked. Inherited from BarItem.
ItemDoubleClick Fires when a link to an item is double-clicked. Inherited from BarItem.
ItemPress Fires immediately after a link associated with an item has been pressed. Inherited from BarItem.
MarqueeSelectionCompleted Fires when a user has finished selecting gallery items using marquee selection.
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