ASPxVerticalGrid Events

Represents the ASPxVerticalGrid server control.
Name Description
AfterPerformCallback Fires after a callback or a postback initiated by the control has been processed on the server.
BatchUpdate Occurs after an end-user clicks the Update button in batch edit mode and allows you to provide a custom data updating mechanism. Inherited from ASPxGridBase.
BeforeExport Occurs before the grid content is exported. Inherited from ASPxGridBase.
BeforeGetCallbackResult Occurs after a callback sent by the current control has been processed on the server, but prior to the time the respective callback result render is formed. Inherited from ASPxGridBase.
BeforeHeaderFilterFillItems Enables you to provide custom filter items instead of default items displayed in the header filter.
BeforePerformDataSelect Occurs before the control obtains data from a data source. Inherited from ASPxGridBase.
BeforeRowSorting Occurs before a row is sorted.
CallbackError static Allows you to handle any server exception that might occur during server-side processing of a callback sent by a DevExpress web control. Inherited from ASPxWebControl.
CellEditorInitialize Enables initializing the cell editors displayed within the edit cells.
ClientLayout Enables you to save and restore the previously saved layout of the grid. Inherited from ASPxGridBase.
CommandButtonInitialize Enables individual command buttons to be initialized.
CustomButtonCallback Occurs when a custom