ASPxGridViewBehaviorSettings Members

Provides behavior options for ASPxGridViews.


Name Description
ASPxGridViewBehaviorSettings(IPropertiesOwner) Initializes a new instance of the ASPxGridViewBehaviorSettings class with specified settings.


Name Description
AllowAutoFilter Specifies whether auto filtering is allowed.
AllowCellMerge Specifies if cell merging is allowed.
AllowClientEventsOnLoad Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the FocusedElementChanged and SelectionChanged client-side events are invoked on the first load. Inherited from ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.
AllowDragDrop Gets or sets whether end-users can drag column headers.
AllowEllipsisInText Specifies whether the control can automatically truncate the cell texts if they don’t fit into the cell width. Inherited from ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.
AllowFixedGroups Gets or sets whether a top group row is fixed while scrolling the group’s data rows.
AllowFocusedRow Gets or sets whether the focused row is displayed.
AllowGroup Gets or sets whether grid data can be grouped.
AllowHeaderFilter Specifies whether filtering using the header filter is allowed. Inherited from ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.
AllowMultiSelection Obsolete. Gets or sets whether end-users can select multiple data rows by clicking them.
AllowSelectByRowClick Gets or sets a value that specifies whether selection via row clicks is available within the ASPxGridView.
AllowSelectSingleRowOnly Gets or sets a value that specifies whether multiple row selection is available within the ASPxGridView.
AllowSort Gets or sets whether grid data can be sorted. Inherited from ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.
AutoExpandAllGroups Gets or sets whether all group rows displayed within the ASPxGridView are automatically expanded.
AutoFilterRowInputDelay Gets or sets the time interval between the time a user starts typing within the Filter Row, and filtering is applied.
ColumnMoveMode Gets or sets a value that defines how ASPxGridView columns can be rearranged using drag-and-drop.
ColumnResizeMode Obsolete. Specifies how columns are resized when a user changes a column’s width.
ConfirmDelete Specifies whether the Confirm Delete window is displayed before a data item (row, card, or record) is deleted. Inherited from ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.
EnableCustomizationWindow Gets or sets whether the Customization Window is enabled.
EnableRowHotTrack Gets or sets whether the ASPxGridView displays the hot tracked row.
EncodeErrorHtml Gets or sets whether the control keeps its error row content that is HTML as HTML, or instead, strips out the HTML markers. Inherited from ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.
FilterRowMode Gets or sets a value defining whether the Filter Row filter is applied automatically or on clicking the Apply button.
HeaderFilterDefaultHeight Obsolete. Gets or sets the Header Filter‘s default height.
HeaderFilterMaxRowCount Gets or sets the maximum number of records that are scanned to populate a header filter dropdown with unique filter values. Inherited from ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.
MaxPreviewTextLength Specifies the maximum length of the preview row text.
MergeGroupsMode Gets or sets the merged grouping mode.
ProcessColumnMoveOnClient Gets or sets a value whether or not column move operations are processed on the client.