BarManagerAppearances.SubMenu Property

Contains default style settings to paint sub items within container items and popup menus.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v20.1.dll


public MenuAppearance SubMenu { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property SubMenu As MenuAppearance

Property Value

Type Description

A MenuAppearance object providing style settings to paint submenu items.


You can use the SubMenu property to specify default style settings for submenu items. Each container item (a BarCustomContainerItem descendant) provides the BarCustomContainerItem.MenuAppearance property and this allows you to override the default style settings for elements of this container item. Similarly, the PopupMenu.MenuAppearance property allows you to override the default style values for popup menus.

XtraBars employs special flags to indicate whether particular styles should be used. Flags are automatically set when assigning values to corresponding style properties. Flags can be cleared via the AppearanceObject.Options property.

Each bar item can be displayed using its own font specified by the BarItem.Appearance property.

It is possible to specify default font settings for all bar items (including items of submenus). For this purpose, use the BarManagerAppearances.ItemsFont property. The SubMenu property, if used, will override these default settings for submenu items.

See Appearance and Look and Feel to learn more.

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