BarLinkContainerItem Events

Represents a link container.
Name Description
CloseUp Occurs when an item submenu closes. Inherited from BarCustomContainerItem.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
GetItemData Allows you to provide child items for the current BarCustomContainerItem object, or to customize the existing child items. Inherited from BarCustomContainerItem.
HyperlinkClick Occurs each time an end-user click a hyperlink within the current BarItem. Inherited from BarItem.
ItemClick Occurs when the current item is clicked. Inherited from BarItem.
ItemDoubleClick Fires when a link to an item is double-clicked. Inherited from BarItem.
ItemPress Fires immediately after a link associated with an item has been pressed. Inherited from BarItem.
LinkAdded Fires immediately after a link has been added to the sub links collection.
LinkDeleted Fires immediately after a link has been removed from the sub links collection.
PaintMenuBar Enables you to paint the content of the bar displayed to the left of the sub-menu. Inherited from BarCustomContainerItem.
Popup Occurs when an item's submenu pops up. Inherited from BarCustomContainerItem.
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