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TcxPivotGridField.RepositoryItem Property

Specifies an edit repository item component for the pivot grid field.


property RepositoryItem: TcxEditRepositoryItem read; write;

Property Value

Type Description

An edit repository item component.


A pivot grid field can use any editor shipped with the ExpressEditors Library to display data in cells.

VCL Pivot Grid: A Currency Cell Editor

To assign an editor to the pivot grid field, you can create and configure an edit repository item component, and then assign it to the RepositoryItem property.


Edit repository items are useful when you need to share editor settings between multiple pivot grid fields or change active editor settings in an OnGetProperties event handler.

Available In-Place Editors

PropertiesClassName Value PropertiesClass Value Description
'TdxBarCodeProperties' TdxBarCodeProperties A barcode control without user input functionality.
'TcxBlobEditProperties' TcxBlobEditProperties A Binary Large Object (BLOB) editor.
'TcxButtonEditProperties' TcxButtonEditProperties A single-line text editor with embedded buttons.
'TcxCalcEditProperties' TcxCalcEditProperties A single-line editor with a drop-down calculator window.
'TcxCheckBoxProperties' TcxCheckBoxProperties A check box editor with support for three states.
'TcxCheckComboBoxProperties' TcxCheckComboBoxProperties A combo box editor that can display items with check boxes.
'TcxCheckGroupProperties' TcxCheckGroupProperties An editor designed to display a set of check boxes.
'TcxColorComboBoxProperties' TcxColorComboBoxProperties A color combo box editor.
'TdxColorEditProperties' TdxColorEditProperties An editor designed to select a color in a color gallery embedded into a drop-down window.
'TcxComboBoxProperties' TcxComboBoxProperties A general-purpose combo box editor.
'TcxCurrencyEditProperties' TcxCurrencyEditProperties A numeric editor for currency values.
'TcxDateEditProperties' TcxDateEditProperties A date editor with a drop-down calendar.
'TdxDateTimeWheelPickerProperties' TdxDateTimeWheelPickerProperties A date/time wheel picker editor.
'TcxExtLookupComboBoxProperties' TcxExtLookupComboBoxProperties A lookup editor that displays a Data Grid View in a drop-down window.
'TcxFontNameComboBoxProperties' TcxFontNameComboBoxProperties A combo box that allows users to switch between font typefaces.
'TdxFormattedLabelProperties' TdxFormattedLabelProperties A formatted label editor without user input functionality.
'TcxHyperlinkEditProperties' TcxHyperlinkEditProperties A hyperlink editor that can execute custom commands.
'TcxImageProperties' TcxImageProperties An editor designed to display images.
'TcxImageComboBoxProperties' TcxImageComboBoxProperties A combo box whose items can display text and images.
'TcxLabelProperties' TcxLabelProperties An unformatted label editor without user input functionality.
'TcxLookupComboBoxProperties' TcxLookupComboBoxProperties A lookup combo box populated with values from a data source.
'TdxLookupSparklineProperties' TdxLookupSparklineProperties A lookup sparkline editor.
'TcxMaskEditProperties' TcxMaskEditProperties A single-line text editor with support for input masks.
'TcxMemoProperties' TcxMemoProperties A multi-line editor for plain text.
'TcxMRUEditProperties' TcxMRUEditProperties A single-line text editor that displays a list of most recently used (MRU) items in a drop-down window.
'TdxNumericWheelPickerProperties' TdxNumericWheelPickerProperties A numeric value wheel picker editor.
'TdxOfficeSearchBoxProperties' TdxOfficeSearchBoxProperties A search box that suggests Ribbon or Toolbar UI elements based on user input.
'TcxPopupEditProperties' TcxPopupEditProperties A text editor that can embed a control in a drop-down window.
'TcxProgressBarProperties' TcxProgressBarProperties A progress bar.
'TcxRadioGroupProperties' TcxRadioGroupProperties A container for radio buttons.
'TdxRangeTrackBarProperties' TdxRangeTrackBarProperties A track bar editor with two sliders for value range selection.
'TdxRatingControlProperties' TdxRatingControlProperties A rating control.
'TcxRichEditProperties' TcxRichEditProperties A multi-line rich text editor.
'TcxShellComboBoxProperties' TcxShellComboBoxProperties An editor that combines a combo box and a Shell Tree View control.
'TdxSparklineProperties' TdxSparklineProperties An editor that visualizes data as lightweight charts without axes and labels.
'TcxSpinEditProperties' TcxSpinEditProperties A general-purpose numeric spin editor.
'TcxTextEditProperties' TcxTextEditProperties A simple single-line text editor.
'TcxTimeEditProperties' TcxTimeEditProperties A spin editor for time values.
'TdxToggleSwitchProperties' TdxToggleSwitchProperties A toggle switch editor.
'TdxTokenEditProperties' TdxTokenEditProperties A token editor.
'TcxTrackBarProperties' TcxTrackBarProperties A track bar editor with one slider.


The RepositoryItem property has priority over Properties, PropertiesClass, and PropertiesClassName properties. These properties have no effect when the RepositoryItem property is specified.

Code Example: Shared In-Place Editor Settings

The following code example creates a progress bar repository item to assign a progress bar editor to two pivot grid fields:

// ...
  cxProgressBar, cxExtEditRepositoryItems;
// ...
  ARepositoryItem: TcxEditRepositoryProgressBar;
  // Creates a repository item that defines a progress bar and stores its settings
  ARepositoryItem := TcxEditRepositoryProgressBar(cxEditRepository1.CreateItem(TcxEditRepositoryProgressBar));
  ARepositoryItem.BarStyle := cxbsAnimation;
  ARepositoryItem.BeginColor := clLime;
  // Assigns the created repository item to two existing pivot grid fields
  cxDBPivotGridField1.RepositoryItem := ARepositoryItem;
  cxDBPivotGridField2.RepositoryItem := ARepositoryItem;

Default Editors

A pivot grid field uses the default editor to display data if Properties, PropertiesClass, and PropertiesClassName properties are unspecified. The pivot grid field uses one of the following editors as default depending on DataBinding.ValueType and DataBinding.ValueTypeClass property values:

ValueType[1] ValueTypeClass[1] Default Editor
Boolean TcxBooleanValueType TcxCheckBox
Currency TcxCurrencyValueType TcxCurrencyEdit
DateTime TcxDateTimeValueType TcxDateEdit
FMTBcd TcxFMTBcdValueType TcxCurrencyEdit
SQLTimeStamp TcxSQLTimeStampValueType TcxDateEdit
Any other value Any other value TcxTextEdit
  1. DataBinding.ValueType and DataBinding.ValueTypeClass property values define the default in-place editor for the pivot grid field regardless of the active data access mode.

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