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VCL Navigation Bars

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VCL Navigation Bars are the controls designed to create navigation panels and toolboxes for your applications.

The Navigation Bar control is a side bar navigation panel with multiple appearance customization options.

VCL Navigation Bar

Refer to the following tutorials to get started with the Navigation Bar control:


The Navigation Bar control supports over 20 appearance and behavior styles called views. Every built-in view belongs to one of two categories:

Explorer Views

Display content of all navigation bar groups simultaneously. Groups are arranged one under another. Users can collapse or expand them independently.

Explorer Views Example


The AccordionView and HamburgerMenu views support Fluent Design effects.

Side Bar Views

Display only the contents of a single group at a time. Group headers are displayed at the top and bottom borders of the Navigation Bar control. A click on a collapsed group’s header expands the group and collapses the previously expanded group.

Side Bar Views Example


The SkinExplorerBarView, SkinNavigationPaneView, AccordionView, and HamburgerMenu views are available only if the ExpressSkins Library is installed.

Refer to the following topics for more information on views:

Layout and Appearance Customization

Structure Designer

Right-click the Navigation Bar control at design time and click the Structure Designer… item to invoke this dialog. Use it to create, group, rearrange, and delete interactive items. You can display the Structure Designer as a Customization Form at runtime.

Structure Designer Dialog

Appearance Designer

Right-click the Navigation Bar control at design time and click Appearance Designer… to invoke this dialog. You can use it to select and customize a view and preview the changes.

Appearance Designer Dialog

Office Navigation Bar

The Office Navigation Bar control is a horizontal navigation panel inspired by Microsoft Outlook®. The Office Navigation Bar and one of the Navigation Bar views can complement each other. For instance, you can use the Office Navigation Bar to switch between sidebar groups:

VCL Office Navigator Bar