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VCL OrgChart Controls

The VCL OrgChart Controls allow users to arrange data in a hierarchy of editable tree nodes.

VCL OrgChart Control

You can use the unbound or data-aware control.

A user can load a chart from a file or use the built-in Items Editor to add nodes.
The control retrieves data for a chart from a bound dataset.

Refer to the following topic for step-by-step instructions on how to use these controls: Getting Started

Chart Options

A node is the basic element in organizational charts. A user can add nodes to a chart and create hierarchical relationships between them.

Chart Nodes

A user can perform the following actions in the control:

Refer to the TdxOcNode and TdxCustomOrgChart class descriptions for the full list of available options.

Items Editor

The VCL OrgChart Control has the built-in editor for chart customization. The dialog allows users to add, remove, rearrange nodes, and preview a chart.

Items Editor

Skin Support

You can apply skins to the control or use built-in look-and-feel settings.